Withings Thermo Smart Contactless Thermometer Is Now Available


The Withings game is that this is a device first discovered this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2016) during, and billed as a new non-contact thermometer, convenience, “the most accurate temperature” may be reading from a device of this nature.

Thermo not only uses the latest technology that allows parents to diagnose themselves and being teased a few months ago after extremely accurate, trouble-free temperature readings relatives, also approved by the FDA, and now , is now officially on sale.

and buy new Withings hot, you do not just use a thermometer to get the hardware itself, but the temperature reading experience into the digital age connection. The actual hardware that came hot hot Withings their revolutionary sensor technology built in, which means that it uses 16 infrared sensors to capture almost instantaneously 4,000 individual readings. Its purpose is to capture the measurement point, then back to the light-emitting display device itself hottest temperature.

Hot Users will also benefit from the fact that part of the hardware from the instant feedback style system. 4000 measured the highest reading taken not only immediately displayed on the device, but also accompanied by a LED indicator that tells the user if the displayed temperature is normal, or very high on the basis of increased user profile, this age read the excerpt from

the information can then lead to significant additional diagnostics, such as consider why this person has a fever, and so on.

any intelligent device, temperature readings automatically synchronized via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi hot connection accompanied smartphone app. The age of information is stored for a particular user’s personal information, and for providing the user, history of fever and symptoms combined for analysis.


senior health counseling is also exempt from the application. One of the biggest advantage of the device is that the user does not need to have direct contact with the skin side of the monitor, which means it’s really touching that fact.

Thermo is now available for purchase from the Apple Store and $ 99.95 Withings.com.

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