Windows 10 Anniversary Update Build 14393.51 Released: Download & What’s New


Today, Microsoft has provided Windows Update to create the 10th anniversary Download 14393.51 (KB3176495), around to all compatible Windows PC after World

this update Windows 10 comes just a week the company released annual updates of original version, making the new version 14393.51 first cumulative update to a previous version 14393.10 said to have been released one week before

According to the changelog from Microsoft official, following in Windows 10 anniversary of the updated version of the 1607 KB3176495 (OS build 14393.51) is new:

this update includes quality improvement and security fixes. No new operating system features introduced in this update. The main changes include:
of Internet Explorer 11 – Improved reliability issues
addressed in order to maintain the pen click on Settings to update the Windows 10 version 1607
addressing problems that may lead to the mobile Windows 10 after the equipment, rear suspension on and off very quickly turn on Bluetooth.
– security update to kernel-mode driver, Microsoft graphical components, Microsoft edge, -Internet Explorer 11, and Windows authentication methods.

To update your PC a new version of Windows 10, if you are already running on your PC update 14,393.10 anniversary by going to Settings> Update and Security> Windows Update in , and from there to grab the direct update, as shown in the screenshot


10th anniversary of the updated version of windows 1607 KB3176495 (OS build 14393.51)

If you are still on older versions of Windows 10 and have not seen the Windows update anniversary update, you can force upgrades using Microsoft Windows 10 update helper, so you can find instructions here: [1945901510thanniversaryofwindows] mandatory upgrade update, here’s how or ISO files and updates downloaded from there: Download ISO: windows 101,607 Construction 14393.10 anniversary update

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