What Is ‘Backdoor.MAC.Eleanor’ Malware, And How To Protect Your Mac Against It


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security research firm Bitdefender research laboratories have shared the impact of those details of the software using Apple’s computers, and simple Backdoor.MAC.Eleanor for Mac computers, as the name suggests. Trying to ensure that as few people as possible by this new threat impact, it is important that no information about the far-reaching spread of malicious software, and to help around here are a few FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), and important it is how to avoid infection from it is your Mac. Thus, without any delay, here’s what you need to know about Backdoor.MAC.Eleanor malware can affect all of your Mac.

what is Backdoor.MAC.Eleanor and how it is spread?

Backdoor.MAC.Eleanor is being called by a EasyDoc converter malicious applications, claiming that instantly converted files onto its icon once it is assigned a new malware. At the same time through the Mac App Store can never, EasyDoc converter is downloaded from popular MacUpdate website, but as of July 5, it has been deleted.

Backdoor.MAC.Eleanor is the distribution?

installed EasyDoc converter

by Mac, install and set up a script at startup, which allows remote malicious entities connected to the Mac can perform. This access is granted through a Tor service, which means that it is well hidden. Once infected, the attacker can connect to Mac and modify files, execute commands, and even take pictures and use the Mac’s built-in camera, if there is video. This is it just the beginning, but also with the attacker can also send e-mail attachments and manage from a computer database, which makes them ideal for large-scale spam, inter alia

how to ensure safety?

kept safe from this attack the most obvious way is to avoid installation EasyDoc application, even if you do not, chances are that your Mac will prevent it from running thanks to the Gatekeeper. Gatekeeper ensure by System Preferences> Security and Privacy enabled. Malicious software applications, such as BlockBlock also be used to ensure that the Mac is not already infected, and run in the background to ensure that no new infections.

if I have been infected with how to do?

and EasyDoc converter installation can use anti-malware program Malwarebytes to clean their system – it has been updated, so do


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