UE Boom 2 And UE Megaboom Bluetooth Speakers Add Siri And Google Now Integration


If you have a 2 Ultimate Ears UE or the UE BOOM Huandao Bluetooth speakers, then you We can now keep the party in a more seamless manner due to Apple’s Siri and Google now integration of voice-controlled digital assistant.

The company has officially announced the two sides to bring an existing product support popular digital assistant firmware updates directly to the speaker, which means that it is so much easier, without actually need to connect iOS or Android in hand with the hardware device interaction.

integration, which means that the UE BOOM 2 or UE Megaboom owners will be able to simply press the Bluetooth speaker button to activate the relevant digital assistants. Specify those with iOS devices can activate Siri to an assistant, from choosing a single song through Apple’s music player, all the way to place calls by voice command to make Web search. In the integrated Google offers a similar feature set now, though for those Andr oid smartphone or tablet have access.

Charlotte JOHS , general manager of the Ultimate Ears explore integration by choosing to focus on the “Speak to play” slogan being the company’s website features:

Music lovers can now really stay in that moment, to play their favorite songs from the swimming pool, or even in the middle of the dive and in the hands of UE speaker cliff. Regardless of the case, and Siri and Google how wet, muddy or wild voice now on UE BOOM 2 and UE integration of the island, fans no longer need to pick up their phones to play DJ. Now, they can only be said to play it.


If you have not heard about Ultimate Ears products and enterprises, then it might be time to pay attention. Rather than simple manufacturing run of the mill Bluetooth speaker Ultimate Ears build is designed for use in harsh environments, and therefore waterproof and shock resistance in adverse conditions element products.

absolutely perfect companion for the holiday weekend or a camping trip. If you have a UE BOOM 2 or UE Megaboom required firmware update now available via the supplied UE BOOM or UE Huandao application

Wanted: UE BOOM 2 from Amazon : $ $ 179.99
Wanted: from Amazon UE Xiamen island : $ 250

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