Uber Announces Hot Air Balloon Service


when you think you’ve got a handle news, sure-fire April Fool’s joke crops, though it is not April, and news real.

This message indicates that Uber, surprisingly, the introduction of a new hot-air balloon service that will see the user requests a balloon itself using one of the company’s mobile applications, in much the same way car today requirements. This feature, which is set temporarily to China as the only thing that comes Uber is facing fierce competition from the likes of Didier vehicle space Chu star. This may be a hot air balloon is regarded as the opportunity uber stand out in the crowd, and it most certainly will.

Uber + part of the hot air balloon tour is just one option, Chinese Uber Cup fans will be able to take advantage of advance. ship is another way that cater to the uber + travel, which means that anyone who needs them can tell the whole pond popular smartphones ordered … taxi boat or taxi boat to do so. We do not know their true calling.

With Uber process, at the end of this year to become China’s most popular booking service, this new initiative is not ready just yet appeared outside of China, but presumably It could erupt in the coming months and years. When the hot-air balloon may be a good time unique Chinese people’s minds, the same can not be said of the vessel. Let us not forget that Uber already tried its hand at another form of transportation – helicopter , it is so, so cool

not as cool floating in a basket giant balloon below. , of course. We just need to be online traffic network to a new height of the whole concept of


(Source: TechCrunch’s ).

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