This Is Xbox One S In Its Full Glory: 40% Smaller, 2TB, 4K Video, HDR [Leaked Image]


Microsoft unveiled its E3 closed style within a few hours from now the thing, and soon to be released a new Xbox console makers therein. Coming around the plan, Sony launched updated PlayStation 4 , Microsoft’s own plans to set up more refreshed console shortly after the leak, on schedule to achieve faster, E3 is where we will get our first refresh Xbox glance of a model, unofficially dubbed ‘the Xbox a S’.

With the announcement of the machine around the corner, new leaks had NeoGAF ‘ve just detailing what time, Microsoft opened E3, we can expect mischief closed.

First, a new Xbox console is set to be larger than The Xbox has a is about 40% smaller. Suitable and leaked pictures have emerged which shows a white console looks significantly smaller than we have been sitting in the bottom of the TV.

Although small, a new Xbox will be the first Xbox console recently had its power supply is internal, so that the wiring of entertainment for those who want to keep the good things in and around the neat center much easier.

In fact, Microsoft has managed to make it smaller machines, but also including PSU is good news, in order to further rumors, the new machine has been able to stand vertically instead of horizontally, similar to the Xbox 360 it before. Leakage also display a white Xbox in a particular direction, so that either the vertical will be pleased to learn that in their small room television or who just like something, they will have a choice soon enough.

Xbox One S

except for the console remake of design, one of the new Xbox update is also said to have a slimmer controller to provide, along with support for 4K Ultra HD video playback, 2TB hard disk, and high dynamic range

with Microsoft’s E3 event is not far off, we hope to soon see one more new Xbox S

(source : NeoGAF )

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