This Is What The Space Black iPhone 7 Could Look Like


we are at the end of June 2016 and now September is historically a month, Apple announced that they usually will release a new iPhone, at this point there is little indication that 2016 will be the year contrarian

is expected to have several iPhone from 7 before its iPhone 6 iPhone 6S and changing the surface, the difference from the old phone a new key to something that looks set to launch online new space black model and Apple watch color options. Rumors suggested that the new color will bring a new, darker look to the iPhone, which was lighter gray space changed over the last few years.

Although it is easy to get Apple’s attention to a black space photos, not so easy to imagine the color of the iPhone, so the two new rendering has been established, its purpose is to display only a black iPhone might look like, we have to say, it looks lovely. We have always liked the apple darker, especially in the iPhone 5 days, so the idea of ​​stealth iPhone 7 is certainly attractive to us.

two new exhibits, a Weibo user and create Instagram users, whether it is to give us a hint as to what a space may look like a black iPhone, although obviously there is no guarantee, Apple will even release a black iPhone, not to mention it looks like these things show. All that being said, anything close to these two will make us excited to get our hands on the iPhone 7, even if the rest of the industrial design is not

This is the first time two:


If Apple does decide to launch the same chassis a iPhone 7, or at least almost the same chassis as the previous two iterations will be a new, invisible black enough to make you upgrade? Updates will also be present inside, of course, but we can not help but believe that Apple has something else up its sleeve.


may be “a thing”?

(Source: sun Mizrachi [microblogging] | Apple IDesigner [Instagram’s] )

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