This DIY Case Brings Android OS To iPhone [Video]


If a completely grotesque run the Android operating system you have been looking for and Apple’s approach is not practical iPhone, so developers Nick Lee have once again his genius bartender home brewing one of the world take notice. You may or may not remember, but Lee only Tendigi the CTO, who is also an enthusiastic development and extracurricular projects like crazy fiddling with the general border.

recently trying to get Apple Watch running Windows 95 , when developers have now developed loaded electronic products customized 3D printing allows iPhone running Android operating system.

we suspect, iPhone and iPad users a very high proportion at one point or another has always wanted to know what would have Android as the operating system running on Apple hardware. People like Nick Lee, who has the time, knowledge and technical ability, do not sit down and wonder. Instead, they are a necessary part of the equation together, just do it.

This time, these necessary parts included included circuit boards, batteries, boosting a special 3D printing, the converter and an internal resistor. All of these components are embedded within the printed housing. The developer has managed to go through a number of iterations from the design point of view of the case, to ensure that it is kept low profile and can be used as possible. Openings and cutouts in place a mini HDMI and USB ports, and an SD card is a familiar opening.

Andr oid section equation cloning project (AOSP) from the Android open source, which he used to build a customized version of Android marshmallow directly into a circuit board installed and executed. When all the components are connected together, including iPhone, Android software, and then from Tendigi application through what appears to be a custom home screen of the iPhone launch.


This is not exactly the average iPhone user will be able to replicate the project at home. As you can imagine, it takes a considerable level of hardware and software complex knowledge, be able to get it up and running. With that said, Lee, like many other projects, it is an excellent insight into what is running on a real need to get Andr oid and iPhone.

[19459003(Source: Tendigi )

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