The Best Apple HomeKit Siri-Enabled Devices And Accessories


prosperity of the entire Internet of Things (IoT) and connected devices is indeed in full swing, with companies scrambling to want generate its own to attract these consumers want to get in action, of course, Apple is such a company’s hardware.

Due to increasingly rely on networking devices in the home automation frameworks Apple, Apple is looking for a good leader, including home automation aspect, so grab your home automation needs HomeKit enabled gadget towards a step in the right direction. If you’re looking to add some intelligence to your home, but to do this, and live frugally with Apple HomeKit support, then look at these a good choice.

For those who do not know, HomeKit compatible with Apple hardware, you can simply ask Siri to do to control various devices in your home. If you have an Apple TV at home, you can use the iPhone’s Siri HomeKit control device from anywhere in the world. To turn the lights on or off? Simply ask, “Hey Siri, open the living room lights” or “Hey Siri, the bedroom lights turn blue,” or “Hey Siri, and turn off all the lights.” To lock or use Siri unlock your door? Q: “Hey Siri, and locked the main door of my house.” For temperature control, you can ask Siri to increase according to how you feel or what is to lower the temperature. With Apple HomeKit, the possibility of using Siri home automation are endless.

To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite accessories HomeKit compatible, you can install at home with Siri voice control today.

The iHome iSP5 Wireless Smart Plug


in of iHome iSP5 provides seamless apple HomeKit and support for Siri, but also by providing nest, blink, and extended platform support echo Amazon bit beyond. Jam like lighting, water heaters, air conditioning and TV directly into the Smart Plug-in will allow you through the application, Siri, and more control over their power states

Wanted: of a WiFi Smart iHome iSP5 plug Amazon : $ 33.22

Philips hue bridge lamp + second generation

Philips Hue HomeKit main

intelligent lamp Philips tonal range possible put “t need too much introduction, but perhaps the same hue bridge. bulbs and lamps may be what ultimately produce the light output, and the beautiful in every home, but it is true that the tone of the bridge behind the operation of intelligence. in second-generation bridge is directly connected to the router, and is compatible with Apple HomeKit framework.

Whether you have an old Philips hue bulbs or newer, as long as you have this new HomeKit compatibility Center, You can control all the hue bulbs with Siri

Wanted: Philips hue Bridge, from the second generation of Amazon : $ 59.99
Wanted: Philips hue of the white and color atmosphere bulb, from the second generation of Amazon : $ 59.99

Elgato eve of the energy structure adjustment and power meter


there what applications can be compared to control and use real-time, or more to turn off your device authorized by a simple touch Siri voice control? If you can do all this and see the appliances in the end there How many people can use sounds good then it is Elgato eve energy SmartSwitch indeed all possible

Wanted:.? Elgato eve of the energy structure adjustment and power meter from Amazon : $ 44.95

August smart lock the second generation of


of August smart lock is undoubtedly a big project really awesome. And now, with the second-generation model, which provides through Siri, which makes it even better than it used to control HomeKit support. This little beauty is basically to protect your home and turns your smart phone into a key. You can lock and unlock your property, control who has access at any time, even retention and who entered the presence 24/7, all from any application, or use Siri an activity log.

Wanted: second-generation intelligent lock in August from Amazon : $ 229.99

Lutron Caseta wireless smart lighting into the wall dimmer kit


which comes a little bag of goodies. Procurement, which will make you a smart Caseta wireless bridge, the two Caseta wireless in-wall dimmers, both slightly remote control, and the accompanying accessories to accommodate all of them at home. Provides functionality is something like your lights to set the schedule and use of Apple’s Siri spend your scene and lighting conditions the direct control of

Wanted: Lutron Caseta wireless smart lighting into the wall from Amazon dimmer kit : $ 189.95

Ecobee3 smart Wi-Fi wireless thermostat II


this is fair to say that the home heating system manual management can be quite frustrating and led to some of the problems being experienced. Either too hot or too cold. Use more energy than you have to be thankful when you do not actually need it, and so on heating. Ecobee3 like smart thermostats from learning how to look at home, use, and adjust the heating schedule to eliminate these problems.

And with this second-generation Ecobee3 model, you can control your heating and cooling systems all use Siri voice control on the iPhone

Wanted: Ecobee3 Smart Wi-Fi wireless temperature the second-generation controller from Amazon : $ 234.95

Elgato eve wireless door contact sensor


had been sitting at work, and was wondering if your door or window is open or closed? Well, with this special Elgato invention it can be found in a hurry, as well as insight into how long the property entrance is open and remain open. And because it is compatible HomeKit, what this means is that you can simply ask Siri your door or the window is open or not, anywhere in the world from

Wanted: Elgato eve doors wireless touch sensor from Amazon: $ 39.95

Elgato Eve wireless indoor / outdoor temperature sensor


if monitoring doors and windows ISN “ŧ your thing, then how about a complex sensor, not only can be connected to your smart phone and Siri, but also feel the indoor air quality, temperature and humidity? in Eve indoor sensor may be you are looking for.

there are New Year’s Eve weather sensor can be used to monitor outdoor weather, humidity and atmospheric pressure.

like any smart device, the two can provide your property, and how to follow Over time a good history of its internal and external environment changes

Wanted: from Amazon Elgato eve room wireless indoor sensor : $ 74.99
Wanted: Elgato eve weather outdoor wireless sensor from Amazon : $ 47.99

the iDevices thermostat


intelligent thermostat rises the province currently has a Google nests launched, but now there are so many options to choose from in the thermostat iDevice full package compatibility HomeKit, allowing users to orders of Siri like “my home temperature set at 60 degrees.” ., etc. whether you have your iPhone with you, you can control the use of voice or application of this thermostat

Wanted: of iDevices thermostat Amazon : $ 148

the iDevices switch


iHome smart plug in a similar way to, and this of iDevices switch provide the same level of functionality. Accessories can be inserted into the socket monitoring and scheduling the entire household appliances. Of course, with HomeKit compatibility, users can be controlled by Siri voice commands for all connected devices

Wanted: of iDevices from Amazon switch : $ 42.95

This is now it. We will continue our encounter any compatibility with other new and interesting HomeKit device updates, though this post. Be sure to keep checking

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