Tech Deals: Samsung 360-Degree Wireless Speaker, LG Sound Bar, $17 Bluetooth Headphones, More


There are many things that excited about in the coming days. Of course, Apple’s dedicated iPhone 7 event coming next week, and Sony’s PlayStation event in New York, we expect to see some new hardware from Japanese companies. But all of this before, of course, there is today’s top technology transactions to get the adrenaline flowing. Sale Transaction Technology. More importantly, what can a person want?

Let’s start with the Samsung wireless speaker also happens to pack a 360-degree free throws to make the placement and orientation is never a problem.

For those who are looking for something more personal enthusiasts, there is also a demand for a cheap Bluetooth headset, can prove to be quite an explosion for a buck. But if you want to let your neighbors hear you watch one or two movies, and even your favorite music, some packaging a fairly loud punch; LG 2.1 channel bar with a 320W wireless subwoofer. Last but not least, Apple’s watch is a high-quality product, so why not its perch in charging cradle / dock carved out a beautiful aluminum?

as usual, is time sensitive and subject to inventory levels for the good of all of the transactions listed here, that is to say, if you’re going from here to order the item, you’d better act quickly offer before expiration. So let us not waste time, grab the credit card and punch in these numbers. Enjoy savings!

Samsung Radiant360 R1’s Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Speaker ($ 99.00, usually $ 147.99)


We live in the beautiful the technology-driven world, we are generally spoiled for choice, whether we are looking for what type of products. Consumers looking for a Bluetooth speaker can be considered BOSE, or a little something more advanced like Amazon echo. But for those who want a happy middle on it, as well as rich, balanced and sound 360 degrees this gorgeous Samsung option. Besides Bluetooth, Radiant360 also has a Wi-Fi connection

Wanted: Samsung Radiant360 R1’s Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Speaker Amazon : $ 99 | Price: $ 148

Bluetooth in-ear headphones ($ 16.99 have a promotional code, usually $ 60.00)


Believe it or not, you do not have to use a few dozen dollars a pair high performance, comfortable in-ear headphones breakup. Typical examples of these lightweight and attractive Bluetooth headset, high-performance battery provides excellent audio quality along. In addition to providing audio to your ears, they are also very suitable for handling telephone calls with crystal clear precision

make sure that you use the following promotional code at checkout to grab it for just $ 16.99. RAM6UZKY

Wanted: from Amazon Bluetooth ear headphones : $ 16.99 | Price: $ 60

LG SH5B 2.1-channel 320W sound bar with wireless subwoofer ($ 169.98, normally $ 219)


you have high 4K TV installed in your living room. You have your Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV box connected to it. You even have an Xbox or PlayStation 4 S-HDMI loop through the game on tap. All you need now is an excellent high-performance sound sticks take the audio experience to a new level. Fortunately, LG has just what you need SH5B

Wanted: LG SH5B 2.1-channel 320W speaker bar and wireless subwoofer Amazon : $ 169.98 | Price: $ 219

collapsible aluminum Apple Watch frame (usually $ 7.99 $ 39.99)


ah, Apple observed. Apple’s “personal luxuries” and the other is likely to get a few days in the future transformation. However, if you have one of the existing models, then chances are that you need a certain position. This example is a reliable and user-friendly, durable and portable, it can even be folded up out of sight for maximum versatility. It is easy to see too much, definitely would complement Apple accessory concerned

make sure that you use the following promotional code at checkout to seize the stent just $ 7.99: ICLEVER6

Wanted: collapsible aluminum Apple Watch Amazon’s position : $ 7.99 | Price: $ 40

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