Tech Deals: Parrot Zik Wireless Headphones, HomeKit-Enabled Smart Lock, Xbox Live Gold, More


today’s high-tech trading is really for those who love nothing more than personal introduce some great new technology into their lives, who is willing to pay the price of the privilege, although in the original sticker price.

This time, we have a fantastic touch to control a set of noise canceling headphones that feature a stunning portable Bluetooth speaker, even intelligent lock HomeKit feature for your home. There is also a fare reduction package Xbox may tempt you to buy an Xbox Live member next to it.

The deal will live for a limited time only, or complete or change lasts, so you’d better act fast if there is here, you want to catch a product. Come on!

Parrot ZIK wireless noise canceling headphones with Touch Control ($ 99.99 is usually $ 189.99)


This is a very great price is what a pretty noise-canceling headphones. Some people may choose a pair of Bose headphones. Others may allow the brand to beat Apple’s deal with their needs. Those who know that the general let parrots use their personal music needs to take care of, and these are the best ZIK headphones look a typical example, feels like

Wanted: Parrot ZIK wireless headphones from Noise Amazon touch control : $ to 99.99 | Price: $ 190

jawbone mini JAMBOX Bluetooth speaker ($ 54.99, usually $ 70.00)


this is small enough to fit in your pocket, and with this price, the price tag is small enough to justify the purchase. Ten hours of battery life and clear voice means this little beauty really should be with you wherever you go shooting. It actually has a built-in microphone, it can also be used to shoot and how to handle incoming and outgoing calls while moving

Wanted: Jawbone JAMBOX Bluetooth Speaker Mini Amazon : $ 54.99 | Price: $ 70

the Xbox game a 1TB + 4 + two wireless controllers ($ 319.00, usually ~ 400)


If you happen to be who did not make the jump to next-generation consoles at least one player, or are looking to buy a friend or family member as a gift, then how to let Microsoft handle your game with this fabulous Xbox need a bag? There include 1TB console, Xbox and two of a wireless game controller, war machine complete physical backup: Ultimate Edition and rare replay, and Forza Horizon 2 and Lost Forest and digital Orinoco download

Buy: Amazon of Xbox game a 1TB + 4 + additional wireless controller: $ 319.00 | Price: $ ~ 400

the Xbox Live gold 12 month Subscription ($ 39.99 usually $ 59.99)


What could be better than to get your hands on it come with the Xbox 1TB of a bunch of amazing savings ? So, take these free games as part of the package, and play them online players around the world, of course. Thankfully, this is the price of this 12-month Xbox Live Gold members numeric code into the player. Get Online play and everything else within twelve months of Xbox Live Gold members associated with this subscription pricing

Wanted: from Amazon of Xbox Live Gold 12 month subscription : $ 39.99 | Price: $ 60

August smart lock, HomeKit / Siri enabled ($ 211.26, usually $ 229.99)


As for the equipment to go in line with the ideology of things and connected devices through the Internet, this is by far one of our favorites. This is not a widget, what you monitor energy use from the car kettle. It is actually for your family a very smart locks allow or deny access based on the Bluetooth-enabled devices. It is safe, gorgeous to look at, with Apple’s HomeKit This means that you can use to lock or unlock the door on the Siri iPhone, and even saved who enter a vibrant and growing log and exit the home compatible.

Buy: August smart lock, HomeKit / enabled from Amazon Siri : $ 211.26 | Price: $ 230

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