Tech Deals: Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, 2-In-1 Lightning/Micro USB Cable, PS4 Stand, More


today’s high-tech trading is all about convenience and add some additional existing set. We must and home security, smart phones and tablet computer products, even for those who like to make processing more than Sony and Microsoft Xbox game one of their needs. This may be the weekend, which means it’s to relax and take things slow, but remember, if you are interested in what is taking quick action period before its disappearance.

In today’s trading, we are looking at smart lock your house door, which packs more than just an electronic lock, and looks blend with any type of door.

If you happen to have iOS and Android devices, can really handle multiple cable to your time. If this is your case, check out the 2-in-1 mini-USB cable through the mine and let you, why not when its MFI certification. Laptop users may not think that much, but a good keyboard PC users understand how critical is smooth premium PC experience. If you care about, nothing more than a mechanical keyboard backlight better compliment your gaming desktop. Last but not least, PS4 owners can grab a vertical position and the cooling fan completely controller charging station.

Of course, as is always the case, all of the transactions listed here are available only while supplies within the period of time or until stocks last for a limited time, whichever comes first. In this case, you’d better hurry before the offer expires, grab your choice of products. So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy savings!

Kwikset electronic stay featuring SmartKey ($ 89.00, usually $ 119.00)


What also has a fully secure than well, the industry recognized by your door, to prevent external access, lock and keep your family, loved ones and property safe? So, a hug technology, and with classics, of course, the keyboard security entrance. You can not only get the key code and standard key visit this beautiful, but it also provides a key lock for 30 seconds to lock automatically, or even have the ability to 16 programmable entry codes, so that family, friends and loved ones can be different number keys to enter

Wanted: Kwikset electronic stayed from Amazon featuring SmartKey : $ 89 | Price: $ 119

PS4 and stand fan cooling + charge controller + Games store ($ 24.99 Usually $ 59.99)


Sony may be going to a special event next month to introduce a new PlayStation, but if you has an original PlayStation 4, which is the original physical size and shape, then this position charging station + + is an excellent memory game accessories you need in your arsenal. Two built-in high speed cooling fan holding a PlayStation and while it charged DUALSHOCK 4 controllers

Wanted: from Amazon PS4 stand : $ 24.99 | Price: $ 60

Corsair games K70 LUX mechanical keyboard ($ 99.99 is usually $ 119.99)


those who take PC game serious ships already used What seems like a bombardment of large sums of money to the rest of us. Console gamers are willing to pay upwards of $ 400 console and a few games, but PC gamers and high-end rig sometimes pay more than this is just a keyboard. The Corsair mechanical gaming keyboard usually sit around $ 120 marks, but can be yours now for a limited time, complete with stunning cherry red button switch, only 99.99 $

Wanted: Corsair games K70 from Amazon LUX mechanical keyboard : is $ 99.99 | Price: $ 120

2in1 lightning and micro USB cable ($ 11.99, usually $ 39.99)


this is not exactly rocket science to take micro-USB cable and lightning and merge them together to make a versatile cable, but it does not seem to get done as much as possible more hope. This 2-in-1 line provided with a mini-USB and can be used for synchronization and charging smart phones and tablets, rather than a plurality of cable lightning Interface USB

Buying on hand: 2-in-1 lightning and micro USB cable from Amazon : $ 11.99 | Price: $ 40

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