Tech Deals: Lightning Cable, FIFA 16 For Xbox One/PS4, Guitar Hero Live For iOS, More

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art of a good thing, for you to choose from today, although there are video games prejudice. We have developed a number of gamers console, PC and mobile phones, as well as multi-function input and 64GB storage drive is connected to a computer and iOS mobile devices, and the charging time longer, more durable Apple approved cable along iOS devices .

Specifically, we have 16 FIFA to Xbox One and PS4, lasting six feet Lighnting cable, 64GB flash drive Lightning / USB connector, Guitar Hero live iOS, if you’re a PC gamer, a large gaming mouse pad.

These transactions will apply only for a limited time or until stocks last, so if you want to grab in the list referred to high-tech products quickly Here are the discount, you’d better act before it becomes too late. ready? Here we go!

64GB Dual Flash Memory Drive with lightning and USB connector ($ 57.99, normally $ 119.99)


Gone with the Wind when you spend money to buy a simple USB flash drive of the day. Now, with consumer demand, in fact, moving is king keep up, we now have an optional interface to these excellent lightning multifunction USB 3.0 flash drive is connected directly to one of Apple’s iOS devices. Storage instant extra 64GB companion application suitable for iOS

Wanted: HooToo USB flash drive with the Lightning connector, 64GB from Amazon : $ 57.99 | Price: $ 120

PlayStation FIFA 16 4 and Xbox a ($ 29.99 | 28.26, usually $ 39.99)


If you like from the first-person shooters and adrenal plain packaging to discourage riders, then maybe you want to spend your time to participate in sports? Pretty appropriate considering we are about to witness the start of Euro 2016 in France. FIFA franchise is widely considered the most advanced, one playable soccer game ever, FIFA 16 is the best, most realistic yet

Wanted: FIFA 16 PS4 from Amazon : $ 29.99 | Price: $ 40
Wanted: FIFA Xbox 16 who came from Amazon : $ 28.26 | Price: $ 40

Apple certified durable 6 feet lightning cable ($ 10.99, usually $ 35.99)


anyone who uses an Apple’s official lightning cable will know that there is involved in the purchase section tripartite solutions to some benefits. This Anchorage powerline solutions have been built in the mind of Apple MFI certification process equipment, and even longer than 6 feet high and increase the durability of the original line

Wanted: Anchorage Powerline 6 feet lightning cable from Amazon : $ 10.99 | Price: $ 36

guitar hero live iOS ($ 22.95, usually $ 99.99)


now it is the time to cheer music lovers amazing guitar hero live Apple iOS device is now significantly reduced. Not only do you get to interact with the actual game, but you also get incredibly realistic guitar controller to bring a sense of experiencing the real world. Do you have what it takes to rock the world on some of the most representative songs, in some of the world’s best atmosphered packaging space? Now you can find out just $ 22.95

Wanted: Guitar Hero from the Amazon to live for iOS : $ 22.95 | Price: $ 100

Kingston HyperX FURY professional large gaming mouse pad ($ 12.99, usually $ 19.99)


If you’re a serious PC gamers who spend not only to build their own gaming platform of a lot of money, but also the game itself for maximum enjoyment, then you will want to spend a little extra coins in the gaming mouse pad to enhance enjoyment. The HyperX FURY has a higher speed, and mouse control to reduce the friction surface. It is also from filling your wrist a soft cloth manufacturing

Wanted: from Amazon Kingston HyperX FURY professional large gaming mouse pad : $ 12.99 | Price: $ 20

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