Tech Deals: Canon DSLR Camera Kit, Windows 10 Laptops, Smartphone Accessories, More


in our high-tech trading day package today, there is something there for all price ranges and all tastes, whether you’re looking for a fun toy for themselves or their children, or seriously impressive digital SLR camera kit, so you need to embark on photography as a serious hobby of all. Continue reading to discover all we have today for you to save

We are looking for two diametrically opposed Windows 10 laptops today. From Lenovo’s 11-inch notebook, and the more upscale look-alike and MacBook 13.3-inch ASUS ZENBOOK

There’s something in there for your smartphone and in the form of fast charging 3.0 specification 6-port USB wall charger, and a 10,000mAh portable battery charger / power bank. Further, in the air with a remote beautiful little angry bird stuff, but if photography is your phone, check out the beat on its $ 150 discount Canon EOS Rebel T5 Digital SLR camera bag.

Whatever you choose, be sure to pay attention to trade listed here do not usually last that long, mostly valid for only one day is very important. So, if you have a product here that you really want, we suggest that you can act quickly. Enjoy savings!

Canon EOS Rebel T5 Digital SLR camera kit lens + accessories ($ 399.95, usually $ 549.95)


If you are a photographer bidding, then say that this is the definition of a money premium package. Not only will your financial expenditures make you a fantastic Canon EOS Rebel T5 Digital SLR cameras, but also a 3 filter, mini HDMI cable and tripod, focused multi-card reader, a niche brand of LP-E10 battery group, and a focus telephoto and wide-angle lens. This one is not to be missed

Wanted: Canon EOS Rebel T5 SLR camera kit lens + accessories from Amazon : $ 399.95 | Price: $ 550

Lenovo Thinkpad yoga 11E convert Windows 10 laptops ($ 269.99, usually $ 319.99)


If you’re looking for a relatively low-cost machine with Windows 10 a series of exciting features, the Lenovo Thinkpad may be that you have been looking for hardware. Lenovo and 128GB SSD, 4GB DDR3 RAM, quad-core processor die package shipping, 11.6 inches 1366 * 768 screen, when you can complete rotation, Windows 10 is installed as the default, and all the usual bells and whistles you would expect from a modern laptop

Wanted: Lenovo Thinkpad yoga 11E transition from Windows 10 notebook Amazon : $ 269.99 | Price: $ 320

angry bird swimming air the Turbo ($ 19.99 usually $ 29.99),


this is indeed one of those funny little kit that allows you to pretend you are a member living in anger bird in the world, you have these menacing pig heart in a serious grudge. The Angry Birds game-themed toys is essentially a flying airship designed to look like a very popular game franchise from the red bird. Use the supplied remote control through the air and darts amplification, but remember, if you see these pig, you have to get after them

Wanted: Angry Birds air swimming Turbo from Amazon : $ 19.99 | Price: $ 30

Anker’s PowerCore 10000mAh portable battery charger for smart phones and tablets ($ 18.69, usually $ 49.99)


this is a small, compact design and trusted brand development, with an integrated battery pack 10,000mAh can instantly breathe new life has run out connect your smartphone and tablet. In addition to charging via USB, Anchorage’s PowerCore comes PowerIQ and VoltageBoost standard for those lightning-fast recharge time

Wanted: from Amazon Anker’s PowerCore 10000 Portable Charger : $ 18.69 | Price: $ 50

Anker 60W 6-port fast charger with fast charging Qualcomm 3.0 ($ 29.99 Usually $ 89.99)


this little beauty may have been connected to a power source, rather than provide its own battery, but it comes with the ability to charge six devices at one go, as well as joining Qualcomm Quick charge 3.0 technology for ultra fast charging of compatible devices. If you have multiple smartphones and tablets, and continue to find themselves charged all at once, then this is definitely worth looking forward to the product

Wanted: Anker 60W 6-port fast chargers Qualcomm fast charge 3.0 from Amazon : $ 29.99 | Price: $ 90

ASUS ZENBOOK 13.3-inch laptop with Windows 10 ($ 699.99, usually $ 899.00)


MacBook Air lovers who do not want to pay the MacBook Air’s money, who is having a Windows 10 through OS X or MacOS as it is now called happy, you can use ASUS brilliant a self-comforting ZenBooks of 13.3 inches. It has an ultra-wide 170-degree viewing angle Full HD matte anti-glare screen. It stems from Intel’s sixth-generation SKYLAKE microarchitecture Core i5 series processor clocked its power 2.3GHz. And it is equipped with DDR3 memory as standard, 256GB SSD 8GB, and finish

beautiful titanium Wanted: from Amazon ASUS ZENBOOK UX305UA-AS51 : $ 699.99 | List : $ 900

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