Superbook Accessory Can Turn Your Smartphone Into A Full-Fledged Laptop [Video]


intelligent laptop case, your Andr oid smartphone into a portable , powerful, full-featured computer has gone beyond its required funding target Kickstarter, and with good reason are super excited.

You may or may not have heard of Superbook project, but it exists as a fast, convenient way to take advantage of the computing power to handle and Android devices to provide a complete computing a useful screen experience. Andromium initially looking for a modest $ 50,000 to fund the project, but has so far received more than 40 million days of $ 28 still to go.

product itself seems a bit confusing at first glance. But when you really dig into it, it becomes very clear that not only the people Andromium are trying to do, thought it was an incredibly good idea if quickly, the excess money is any hint, for such a huge market Annex

enthusiasm level has been the fact that the project has now been extended flying targets as they go out of fashion verification. User convenience is essentially paying the privilege of access to computing power, without the need to carry a complete machine. The Superbook annex is essentially a laptop without any processing power at all, which makes it all the more interesting case.

The Superbook convenient than a full computer experience is only profitable through the use of Android devices. Many users tend to upgrade one or two years, every year their smartphones, to ensure they always have the latest power of the latest hardware.


If this is the case, then it may become completely unnecessary rising parallel computer or laptop. In fact, this confidence that Andromium think Superbook “can do it all.” , including providing access to desktop browsing, access to applications, games, even when we go, if this is your program thing.

The Superbook will be equipped with 11.6-inch HD display, can be updated, if it reaches $ 1 million stretch goal of 1080. Before it needs a charge, it will provide up to 8 hours of battery life. There is a built-in keyboard and Android navigation keys, multi-touch trackpad, even access all files and folders stored on the Android device.

users will simply plug (Android 5.0 and up) via USB-C port on your Android phone, watch Andromium application loads, and away you go instant access to all of the above. If the project you want to back up, you can still do such commitments continue to rise.

The Superbook forecast shipped in January and February 2017 supporters $ 99, will be in the blue and gold colors

(Source: Kickstarter’s ).

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