Semi-Restore iOS 9.0.2 / 9.1 For Mac OS X Released [Download]


lovers of good news for the jailbreak. Popular half recovery tool, which applies only to Windows and Linux machines in the past is now available for Mac OS X users as well. New versions and innovation may not be as frequent as they used to jailbreak the iOS world, but that does not mean the hard work of the developers still do not chipping away behind the scenes, not only to produce new software, but also update existing and additional product compatibility.

Developers CoolStar has officially released OS X work on for my “as the basis of half recovery. This version is with those who have either lost jailbreak Good news or in Windows on Linux machines before half recovery, provided it love, or who have been waiting patiently to grips with the utility, but who owns the Apple Mac, which is not supported by the tool before the internet.

developers only officially announced the launch of OS X half recovery, but also to accompany the “unsupported” warning has been issued, which means it has been tested in two Hackintosh machine, and if it does not, as expected play a role, he will not support it.

for those who may not know, or who may be new jailbreak world, half recovery has proven to be in the last three users who want to jailbreak to their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to restore the firmware, but actually lose those jailbreak a very handy little tool for the privilege.

original published As early as 2013, and recently updated with applicable iOS 9 support, the goal is basically the same Cydia impact tool by the Saurik company, the main difference is able to jailbreak the device to return to a clean version of the currently installed firmware, but still managed to escape to honor the liberation of the device.

semi-restore9 mac

really comes from the reduction of power semiconductors which can allow users to recover back to a clean version of iOS, will any adjustment deletion may have been caused by a previous installation or extension. If you get a little downloading pleasure from Cydia, and with the collapse and suspension slow or laggy device found himself unauthorized extension or adjustment, half recovery allows you to use a clean, but still restart jailbreak version of the currently installed firmware.

the OS X version is now available for download from . before you run this tool to ensure closed waited at the Mac

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