Samsung’s New Patent Filing Shamelessly Uses Apple Watch’s Design Drawings


when it comes to Apple and its products to “design inspiration”, Samsung has not entirely gone to extreme lengths in the past, in order to cover it up enough to appreciate Apple products by certain aspects of its own hardware aesthetic that fact.

by a recent patent US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) published application shows “exchangeable strap mechanism” a Samsung submitted by drawing illustrations and designs uploaded clearly shows that there is no real the visual effect is created by Apple, or that they did show true than others from making any reference to the products Apple observation Korea.

This is not the actual design and Samsung’s legal team has uploaded a set of visual effects and principle, similar to the case of Apple’s simply part of the retina, efforts visualized with an overview of the company’s patents in exchange method. In the design shown in the patent application shows a smart watch, in fact, Apple Watch, and even shows a classic back of the charging mechanism, live on the lower side of Apple watchOS powered hardware. Apple displays various images even watch strap is instantly recognizable depiction.

This is not unreasonable to expect, SmartWatch space than other Apple participating companies will see their products interchangeable straps benefits. One of the real benefits of Apple is concerned that customers can easily be personalized by exchanging experiences with many official and third-party solutions.

With that said, what is unreasonable attempt patents, not only used by Apple to create the visual effect of the solution, but there is quite clearly shows that you have basically started copying integrated competitors design and methods for their wearable (S).


, as we like Samsung, enjoy the fantastic products company, truly heartbreaking aspect here is that it is highly unlikely that this is a bug or Samsung negligence. The reality is that the company is simply Apple’s design patent applications and upload them to not so much to take care of it how the wider community can see that there is likely to take the path of least resistance.

Actually, it is not even wrong statement, Samsung Apple patent actually would like to observe

(via: Apparently Apple ).

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