Refreshed Apple Watch 1 And Brand New Apple Watch 2 Models Launching Later This Year


This is a long time coming, but it looks like Apple may be planning to introduce this year Apple Watch later 1 after along the new Apple Watch 2 model

this is based on very accurate KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of its latest research report to investors.

The most exciting part of this prediction is that Apple’s concern 2 makes its way to the possibility of physical and digital shelves later this year. Ming-Chi Kuo has probably used his contacts and influence of Apple’s supply chain, to fight for this information, which indicates that Apple Watch 2 will retain its existing shape and size, but it will work with a series of internal hardware improvements, it It allows far beyond the original Apple performance of the watch.

Apple forecast a concern 2 brand by the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), as well as a built-in to provide new, faster, more efficient processor shipments in the GPS unit to allow it to track the location of individual connection the iPhone. Guo also said that the new models will be equipped with a barometer, higher capacity battery in the long uptime, and excellent water in a wet environment and conditions, when Apple wearing more peace of mind to the owners concerned.

those who were not ready to try Apple 2 concern, but I hope Apple Watch better performance version 1, KGI Securities analyst also pointed out that the existing upgraded version of Apple’s attention in this year Arrivals. In order to provide significant functional differentiation, improved Apple Follow 1 model will not come with GPS or the barometer function, but is said to contain a processor upgrade, again provided by TSMC, and a waterproof enhancement. In the overall size and shape of the watch is kept constant, but should be ready to ship until this year.

Apple watch red main (1)

Apple has shown a willingness to observe the progress of the Apple platform connoted update watchOS. The third largest circulation watchOS, namely watchOS 3 , currently in beta right now, so it will be very interesting if we will have a hardware update is consistent with public availability of the platform.

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