Popular Jailbreak Tweak Springtomize 3 Updated With Support For iOS 9.3.3


about a new jailbreak support previously unsupported firmware release, the really interesting thing is, you get almost immediate appreciation, wherein the adjustment, expansion packs and is still actively involved in community developers to create and support.

This is only natural that iOS update will inevitably break some Apple jailbreak package, the interior trim of the platform, but it is very interesting if the developers to deal with these major changes, or simply give up package, so users do not need to adjust their favorite jailbreak.


for jailbroken devices most popular package must be Springtomize 3 , which previously available of iOS 7 of support, of iOS 8 and earlier versions of iOS 9 in one form or another , so it will not come as a surprise, it has now been updated with iOS 9.2 – 9.3 .3 support

we’ve covered quite Springtomize package. Widely used in the past, it is no surprise, it not only provides a fantastic feature to jailbreak the device owner, but has been in the past three years, one of the most widely supported adjustment. In fact, in fact, can be traced to the original Springtomize offer applies to iOS 5 and 6, which shows this particular good way how valuable support

The current version of the package – Springtomize 3 – has also been updated have been found in previous versions, of course, it brings a number of bug fixes for all new devices Apple’s latest public version of the firmware jailbreak directly supported. These issues include patches hide the status bar icon, and when the device into the “swing” model to solve a problem, an animation bug fixes. Behind Springtomize 3 developers also fixed permanent mistakes, can only make themselves known at the dock, when the device to enter landscape mode.


This is fantastic to see a jailbreak for the most widely used commercial equipment adjustment to obtain the latest jailbreak the latest firmware updates and support again almost instantaneously. However, there is a slight catch; and codling not currently in iOS 9.2-9.3.3 supporting procurement, in a good way for those who wish to grab the first time will have the patience to wait until the company can buy Saurik function. However, those of you who have already purchased an earlier version of 3 Springtomize iPhone or iPad, can grab the update package time.

we can now sit back and hope to continue to grow Springtomize 3 to add any new features or functionality, will directly benefit jailbreak users. Springtomize latest version 3 can be found in the Big Boss Cydia repository

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