Pokemon Go Rollout Continues With Release In Italy, Spain, And Portugal


Niantic laboratories will continue to please move around the world through the introduction of the highly popular Pokémon smartphone and tablet users to heading into more European territories; Italy, Spain and Portugal.

game, where first appeared in the game the United States, Australia and New Zealand added to the App Store and Google now UK from official direct access to European availability perspective [19459005users] and Germany was awarded in Portugal, Italy and Spain in its associated application store.

event you’ve been living under a rock the last week, or did not bother any social media streams or technology-related news website flick, Pokémon is taking the latest the Niantic Labs released a catapult user charge and collect the virtual world, training, and ultimately against Pokémon with other players tasks.

a real world representation articles contained therein may be collected, Pokégyms here Pokémon can be trained and battle countless Pokéstops and, of course, are filled with fields of different types of Pokémon.

in Italy, Portugal and Spain moving phenomenon availability, will only increase the game latest success. Only users in the United States are estimated to cost $ 1.6 million on a daily basis up to an in-app purchase to buy luxury items can then be exchanged gold in the game.


This is no doubt a good week with the participation of Nintendo. Go release Pokémon title in Japan has led to the company’s share price jump more than 10%, hitting a new six-year high on Friday ended. The jump is only based in the United States, Australia and New Zealand the initial version and user acquisition.

The company also announced its intention to launch some nostalgia to anyone who lives to play video games in the early 80’s and the iconic Nintendo Entertainment System miniature version , completed 30 built-in classic games.

If you’re after Italy, Portugal or Spain, make sure you’re head over in related applications iOS or Android stores, and began to collect these treasures. But remember, you only need to catch ’em all

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