PlayStation VR Play Area Requirements, Other Details Officially Revealed


on, when it started selling October 13 to pick up for PlayStation VR headphones planning? Then you will need to make sure you have enough space reserved for it in your room.

According to the brochure has cropped up on PlayStation Asia website, users will need a large space to clear before they can get their virtual reality, a box about the size of the required 6.2 ft 9.8 ft.

The reason for this limitation in the size of the room part, or at least open space from virtual reality headset can be used PlayStation camera stems are used.

At the request of PlayStation VR settings, the camera needs around player in the air in order to track them. PlayStation or Xbox motion-based controls who had used game players are already likely to be familiar with the requirements of furniture and pets out of the way of moving, but to do so there is a virtual reality headsets, such as Sony’s PS VR own ideas may not We have crossed everyone’s minds.

Interestingly, Sony seems keen to ensure that the players remain seated during the event, which means that if an application specifically requests them to stand up, they should make sure they know where they are in relation to disorder in the room.


Clear all obstacles than the VR before use PS games area is large, and maintain whenever possible seating area. If your application requires you to stand while wearing a VR headset, in accordance with the application instructions carefully and maintaining environmental awareness.

Sony PlayStation VR started selling October 13 and separate processor unit with measuring approximately 5.6 × 1.5 × 5.6 inches. The unit will be connected to the PlayStation 4 and the process to make any calculations required headphones work – so make sure you have the space! The headset Hertz 120/90 in the project in the resolution of each eye of 960 × 1080, and will have 100-degree field of view

(Source: for PlayStation Asia )

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