Pixel Cup Soccer 16 For iPhone, iPad, Apple TV Goes Free As Apple’s App Of The Week [$3 Value]


If there is an over-time paid apps shed its price tags around it on weekends, so we can spend some time to test it. Week promotion for iOS Apple’s free application is perfect in this regard, as well as in the old familiar fashion, it brings a game usually retails for $ 2.99 absolute freedom, until next Thursday.

, called pixels 16 World Cup, which is a retro old-fashioned football game, back to the 90’s to the iPhone, iPad’s, iPod touch and Apple TV arcade theme (yes, Apple TV!) . This is the first time the game has completely lost its price, if you are some of the fast-paced retro-style football fan, you can not find a better time to develop this area.

Not everyone has been bitten by the bug of FIFA, which is 16 pixels World Cup with its simple game is all about having fun, no foul, free kick, and come in a smooth, level rules. These controls have been simplified, but shoot, pass, attack, attack the referee because you do not much bothered about the rule book for this capability.

Although this is good and all, what is better, the game once to download for free iPhone, iPad or iPod touch will also provide free tvOS App Store Latest Apple TV fact! As long as the pairing of compatible controllers, and to take the big screen with the AI ​​or play with other friends. This particular element will increase the attractiveness of other non-serious football game, but the entertainment factor provided here just can not be discounted. Oh, and increased, as well as party mode support

Other features include:

deeper Games: short passes, long passes, and so on, when aiming shooting, control shooting or drop shot (it all depends on the context). Animation
area (bicycle kick, scorpion kick, scissors kick, diving header, and so on.)
a penalty!
women’s soccer.
18 stadiums full of anime fans!


The game also packs an array of competitions, including the 2016 Rio Olympic Games (men and women), Centenario 2016 America’s Cup in the United States, the European Cup 2016 France World Cup, Women’s World Cup and so on.

So, what are you waiting for? Free now download games from the App Store

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