Photo: Alleged iPhone 7 Rear Shell Leaked In Rose Gold


Chinese microblogging site Sina Weibo again a potential glimpse of iPhone 7 components to provide us with the alleged direct from Apple supply chain. Apple’s upcoming iPhone yield allegedly ramped up ahead of the end of September publicly revealed, but now we see another part of the leak rose gold iPhone case after 7 may provide a glimpse of what to expect for our form in the new iPhone’s camera module, as well as Apple replaces the perfect design before breaking the previous iPhone models, quickly understand the antenna line.

The first thing to note here is that this so-called rear case for Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7 will not be introduced immediately we have not yet aware of thank previous leaks and speculation any tip Variety.

component itself instantly looks and feels like an iPhone case, with the same shape and size as the existing iPhone models 6S, and carry the sound mellow, consumers for a corner. Apple logo on the shell or product-specific text, but is likely to be in the process to complete the last printing.

otherwise disclosed below shows the camera, microphone and camera incision in the upper left corner flashes shell familiar position. Nothing looks weird moment microphone or lens aperture, but the gap seems to indicate that the camera module, the new iPhone will use a single-lens camera shipments. At least the smaller iPhone 7 will. We have seen so far most analysts and historical speculation indicated that the larger iPhone 7 plus / Pro’s will try to lure consumers into the purchase and upgrading of dual-lens camera system, the use of an improved quality of photography experience better hardware and software.

iPhone 7 shell

If accurate, this latest leak component also clearly shows that Apple has taken the opportunity to provide users with a single, integrated design of the rear of the device by move the existing antenna line at the top and bottom of the housing. They are still visible and apparent, in part due to the fact that they are a different color to the rest of the housing, but when it is viewed from the back they will not interrupt the visual flow of the device. It is very likely that we will see more of these components leak out of the woodwork, because we are closer to the official September reveal

(Source: microblogging ).

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