New Jailbreak Tweaks Released This Week: Txy, Protonix, And More


Another week has passed, another round of adjustment jailbreak has been released or updated, some of which are true at the top of their game. Of course, as in the App Store applications, some adjustments jailbreak is not worth the time they upload to Cydia, but this is what we come here for the purpose. We are here to make sure you do not miss any great adjustments do not have to spend time to escape through all we know they can make it farrowing Cydia repository wading. Each week, we share, we think it is worth mentioning, or even download a new release adjustment this week is certainly no different. Thus, without any delay, here are five newly released jailbreak adjust, you really should see.

hello ++

you’re big into Pokemon go? If you do not mind a bit deceiving, poke ++ can display Pokemon is the place on the map, your character so that you have a faucet moved to any location on the map, and even helps improve poke the ball thrown. In our view, this requires, joy of the game, if we are honest, but to each their own!

The TWEAK more than is currently in the testing phase repository. Developers have not mentioned what the final version takes



use an application, you want to check your real location, but I would like to have you believe it is somewhere else? TXY can provide fake GPS location for an application, select your device can be located on the ability to think it is a strong point.

TXY gratis BigBoss repo.



like TextExpander app is great, but they are limited by iOS, and how to make applications interaction. With Protonix, the user can select and then automatically replaces the phrase when different type of text. Standard text, dynamic text, and even activate actions support can be used as a trigger, when matching phrase the whole thing to support the stock iOS keyboard, so no special keyboard.

Protonix it BigBoss libraries $ 1.50

TIFF function failure

Nice and simple, this one. TI ​​FF function failure will disable the jailbreak TIFF support equipment to prevent security hole found in iOS 9.3.2 and earlier versions.

good way is free in the BigBoss repo’s.



stock ownership iOS can use the cellular data is great for blocking certain applications, but is not it a shame similar functionality is not there to stop WiFi access? This is, this is why ConditionalWiFi TWEAK presence, we are pleased it. WiFi connection block access to applications – no mess, no fuss

The TWEAK cost $ 0.99 in the BigBoss repo

and we have it. Do not you think we can get not to mention a whole after Pokemon Go, you have no

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