New iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak Tweaks: AnsweringMachine, QuickShoot Pro 3, And Many More


Apple’s iOS may have been leaps and bounds in the filling, in the past few years, reducing the need to escape a lot, but that does not mean there is a strong user community and it is important that those holding the world together ticking jailbreak developers.

You only need to look at each one at a time to update iOS comes time to fight for a new jailbreak and reminded how jailbreak is indispensable for some people. Regardless of how changes in the iOS, jailbreak is nowhere to go.

There are so many adjustments jailbreak floating around now, to find those cool may be a bit of a nightmare. That is why we like to keep you up to speed, and that’s what we have to do this weekend, and, like the previous weekend.

The following is a 10 jailbreak adjustments have recently published, mostly in the past week, and we think you’ll understand. Snapchat from voice mail and attached to Go Pokemon-themed animated background, there is something for everyone on this list. So, without any further delay, here are 10 newly released iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak compatible adjustment.

AnsweringMachine (BigBoss repo, $ 3.99)


What makes adjustments so awesome jailbreak best example. This is a good way to voice mail, completely bypassing your cell phone provider.

PokeGo LS GIF (BigBoss repo, free)


enter a Pokemon-themed animated lock screen background. That’s all you need to know.

SiriKeepListening (BigBoss repo, free)

stopped Siri from interrupting you when you pause too long, you know, so you can breathe .

QuickShoot Pro 3 (BigBoss repo, $ 1.99)


this adjustment, you can shoot photos and videos from the main screen, without having to open the camera application.

Envoy (BigBoss repo, free)

hide this adjustment added various “features” Facebook Messenger recent updates.

LongStories (BigBoss repo, free)

remove the age limit of 24 hours Instagram embodiment story uses images.

under (BigBoss repo, free)

The contact situation InternalLock, the details of the iOS lock screen you lose your device.

under SnapchatLowPowerModeEnabler (BigBoss repo, free)

enable Snapchat low-power mode, all the time, not just when a low work your iOS device the consumption pattern.

WidgetWeather3 (ModMyi, free)


a very comprehensive weather gadget for your weather needs.

Wi-Fi calling Flipswitch (BigBoss repo, free)


a convenient Flipswitch switch to enable and disable the Wi- Fi calls.

And all this, 10! Enjoy

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