New In iOS 10: You Can Delete Stock Apple Apps, Download Them At Will From App Store


Apple WWDC in all madness and excitement you can forgive all the main announcement was arrested, is missing some of Tim Cook and the team did not touch one reason or other smaller changes. What happened as the keynote, Apple’s executive team and put out the introduction and demoing iOS, MacOS’s, watchOS and tvOS key new features, the company’s engineers were secretly upload more applications to the App Store of Apple’s own developer account.

Curiously, all these applications are typically those stocks preinstalled applications on iOS out of the box.

rocket science and you do not have a first class honors degree, a rocket scientist to figure out how what is going on. Some facts on the preinstalled applications are now hosted Apple’s App Store page is interesting enough. But it is a fact that does recognize that they are installed in the App Store, the real icing on the cake put on the device.

10 As to speculation WWDC and iOS, we run a small part had heard rumors suggesting that Apple users will eventually be able to remove the stock from the device application. We just do not know how it will work to achieve. We know how it works

App Store List of preinstalled applications available on include:

  1. stock
  2. Weather
  3. Maps
  4. note
  5. Mail
  6. Music
  7. concern
  8. iTunes store
  9. voice memo
  10. of FaceTime
  11. calendar
  12. video
  13. Tips
  14. Calculator
  15. Compass
  16. contact

to iOS’s 10 Beta 1 has also confirmed that the device owners will be able to remove some preinstalled applications from the device, such as Mail, weather and compass, because you can enter in advance see from the screenshot below iOS 10 of

ios 10 screen

Screenshot credit: Jorge

then they will be able again from the App Store at the discretion of the user should they see fit download. This is a new iPhone and iPad are particularly useful for those people who get, create a file named “Apple” folder, “junk”, or something similar, then simply relegate, they do not use the stock application folder It does not look to be. Self-contained nature of

application will more than likely mean that Apple will be there as and when it deems necessary, rather than the ability to push a complete update of the iOS update individual application if you need to apply change the program. iOS

10 of the developer preview version of the iPhone 7. land next fall can now download.

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