Microsoft To Unveil Xbox One Slim, Two Xbox TV Streaming Devices At E3 2016



If you do not plan to take in the coming and going what a strong interest on the E3 conference next month, and then as a polite nudge, perhaps it is time to begin to pay attention. The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo usually packed with amazing some of the world’s largest companies revealed that this year’s shaping up to be no different. There are rumors that Microsoft is using the Expo to take the quilt off a new slimmer and smaller Xbox console, and officially launched at least two ‘of Xbox video “streaming media device programs.

Let us resolve highly these -anticipated the Xbox video streaming device first. we have now heard rumors there may be a few years on this type of Xbox brand equipment. insiders believe that Microsoft has frequently used devices like Chromecast Google will substantially viscous flow is designed to showcase the Xbox digital content experiments.

immediate use cases there will be players will basically be able to flow directly from the Xbox console is connected to the flow of a game TV equipment. It is expected that Microsoft will reveal E3, at least two of these flow devices.

this reveals the potential to attract some will be embedded within the second Xbox TV device function. early reports indicate that the two new products will still be able to be able to shop from common Windows applications to access applications and games, so it is not just a simple stream so many insist on the ability to mirror a content from the Xbox.

in addition to the potential revealed two new devices, Microsoft also said to be ready to display a new smaller Xbox one Console during next month’s E3. Last month we noted a discovery the new Xbox a wireless chip , to start a new, more expensive and less available Xbox Console guess a direction. If the interim update to the Xbox people to achieve, then the consumer can expect a device is up to 40% a smaller than the original Xbox, and additional storage upgrades 2TB hard disk inside the ship.


However, the update will all appear to be relatively small, if the rumors of a 2017 model is anything to go by, but according to sources, may be equipped to support 4K resolution, or even significantly improved GPU Oculus Rift to

this year’s E3 conference will be held June 14 May to June 16, 2016, at the Los Angeles Convention Center, so be vigilant

[19459011(source:! Brad Sams [YouTube’s] , Kotaku )

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