Make macOS Sierra 10.12 Bootable USB Flash Drive Installer, Here’s How [Tutorial]


Apple finally we leave our sight, he announced that OS X will be formally referred to the MacOS from now on. The announcement, we have basically Apple will introduce a desktop operating system, version 10.12, or MacOS Sierra Leone , because we now know.

The latest version of Apple’s desktop operating system has been able to register as an initial test version of the developer, is set to arrive sometime in July of public beta. Here, we will create a step bootable USB flash drive needed to go through the use of MacOS Sierra Leone early beta preview of the installation files.

There is no doubt that this will help your new installation of Mac MacOS Sierra Leone, so existing OS X version will be completely removed in the process. We continue with the installation, but also must meet certain requirements

  • any version of Apple-compatible version of OS X, which can be found Lise La compatibility: list MacOS Sierra Leone 10.12 compatible the Mac
  • USB flash drive with 16GB of recommended minimum capacity. Problem will be completely formatted drive as part of the process, so if there is any need to retain important data, make sure to remove it before the beginning of the process.
  • enter an active project registered Apple Developer account.
  • Of course, now we cover

  • for about 15-20 minutes, but as the process is complete ability to exercise some patience.

Yes, let us continue with the actual installation

Step 1: First, from the Mac App Store to download the MacOS Sierra Leone 10.12 Beta install the application. The application is named “Installation 10.12 developer preview version of”


Step 2: The above USB flash drive connected to the Mac, then start Disk Utility application formatted connected flash drive. Once the application is open, make sure that it is the choice in the left section and hit the Delete button up top


Step 3. : here, set the flash drive name; we are working with Untitled go. In fact, you can call the desired drive anything, but when we jump into the terminal orders, you need to make sure you change the name of the part, whatever you choose to call drive. Make sure you choose the format of OS X Extended (Journaled) and the scheme GUID partition map . Once this is done, hit Delete button to continue


Step Four: When the flash drive has been successfully erased, start terminal applications. You can folder found in / Applications / Utilities in the information, or you can use Spotlight search to find and lunch bar

Step 5: We now intend to end the necessary commands, equipped with the necessary administrator rights to create installation media for a USB flash drive. Enter the following command into the terminal and hit Enter :

sudo / Applications / Install 10.12 Development -volume / volume / Untitled -applicationpath / applications / install 10.12 development -nointeraction && finished by saying

grammar and input is entirely correct. Any errors or simple type will result in a failure. Also worth mentioning is the simplest and most common mistakes is the lack of double dash can be more clearly seen in the screenshot below

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 12.32.12 AM

Step 6: when prompted, enter your Mac’s administrator password. This is necessary, because we use the “command” command to run with additional privileges. Hit Enter

terminal display will begin to print a variety of command, because it allows you to understand the process of how far it is. The whole process can require 15-20 minutes depending on your Mac model. Upon completion, the terminal will display “Done” at the bottom, which means that the boot drive has been successfully created.


Now just get out of the terminal application, and eject the drive. Now you can clean up install on your Mac MacOS Sierra Leone preview.

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