Leaked Photos Of iPhone 7 Shell Show Dual Speakers With No 3.5mm Headphone Jack


Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7 speculation began to heat up again, and another group of pictures claiming to us It shows the back of the device. The latest leaked claims to show some of the features and changes have been rumors from the previous set of images is the second

in the next generation iPhone died down a little bit of interest, when Apple WWDC 2016 event is in full swing . After all, iOS device owners have iOS 10 talk and express. We now after -WWDC, we again see the alleged leak seep into the public domain provides us with additional insight into the iPhone 7 design patterns.

we ‘already have focused our attention on the fun alleged original design for the next generation iPhone, which indicates that 4.7-inch model larger aperture rear camera, while the iPhone 7 plus 5.5 inches shell launched a pill-shaped openings designed dual-lens camera system . Of course, these two images also show us redesigned antenna band at the top and bottom.

, it is completely focused on the 4.7 inches of the iPhone 7 new image immediately shows us two things have been the center of attention for a few months a. First, after the shell with a cutout at the bottom of what seems to be two-speaker system for severe audio.

previous reports suggesting that at this as a possibility, but this is actually the first instance to see it put into the potential reality of this nature in a housing. Sharp-eyed people will immediately pick up point number two; there is not a 3.5mm headphone jack audio input.


instead of displaying the standard 3.5mm headphone jack off, the housing is equipped with a forward-looking lightning mouth sides familiar arrangement of the two speaker grilles. If true, this would suggest that Apple plans to use lightning Audio, and may launch a Lightning 3.5mm audio adapter and iPhone 7.

Finally, we also get another on the phone, this confirms that the camera sensor on the big 4.7 inches iPhone 7 model, the camera aperture to enhance the photographic experience soon after the previous report on the case to find out.


Today’s image may not be available immediately relevant not submitted as a potential iPhone 7 / iPhone’s 7 Plus feature any new ammunition, but it does little confirmed what many we have in the past rumors of the Privy Council. The improved camera experience with the iPhone 7, stereo audio, and audio to enable lightning cut it for you

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