Leaked Photo Of iPhone 7 Plus Packaging Show Mention Of Bundled AirPods



New photos have been leaked claiming display iPhone 7 plus packaging line, although we have seen similar the leak, from which especially stands out because it seems to indicate that Apple will bundle the new, unannounced visits AirPods the iPhone, or at least a part of it.

Although previous leaks, the back of the iPhone in box 7, showing a flash of 3.5mm headphone jack adapter mentioned, this new leak shows no such wording, Blurb, rather than reference AirPods 7 plus, Apple will announce the next iPhone 7 and iPhone next week.

as Apple opener 3.5mm headphone jack in its two upcoming iPhone version, usually the EarPods replaced with the current iPhone bundling needs. Many expected simple adapter is enough, at least, and employees of the Apple Store in the box, and then upgrade to the possible new AirPods. This is backed by previous leak , but this new batch – courtesy of anonymous sources – could mean that Apple will sell its new iPhone, neither headset. In other words, image, or at least a less than genuine.

At this point, it is at this moment to remember, fake black text on a white background is far from the most difficult task in the world. It is important to anyone determined to throw away fans off the scent.

close this announcement, but we would not be surprised if this latest leak turned out to be legitimate such photos do tend popular version of the iPhone announcement and subsequent release before.

and September 7 is set to the date of the big announcement, we know that next week we will have our first answer to this desire, then we can start all over again


(source: AppleInsider website )!

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