Leaked iPhone 7 Photo Shows New Touch-Sensitive Home Button


Some new photos have appeared on the Internet claiming to provide additional insight into the design choices , Apple has with the upcoming iPhone 7. made a new set of photos allegedly show a white appearance and washing, touch-sensitive Home / touch ID button of iPhone 7 actual model

If the exact the new design will essentially mean the curtain about to come to a staple part of Apple’s iconic iPhone machinery Home key has been, since 2007

[19459002originallylaunched] iPhone the design has been in nine years, Apple has been promoting the smart phone market has undergone great changes. We have a variety of shapes and sizes. We have plastic, glass and aluminum case either make the device look extremely fancy premium. We even have 3.5,4,4.7 and 5.5-inch display, but throughout all these iterations, what has remained unchanged is the mechanical home button. Of course, this is an advanced time including a touch sensor ID, but it has been there, it has been a mechanical operation. This may be related to the iPhone 7.

it was declared in the following visual effects depicted Home / Touch ID button to refresh the rest of no baffle ordinary silver ring changes, and no It offers traditional clicks iPhone fans have become accustomed. If true, this would mean that users no longer need to press the Home key to return to the main screen.

There will be no more physical double tap to multi-tasking, or press and hold to call Siri’s. Pressure-sensitive options, rather than acceptance of the tap, although it may provide the same functionality, may require a fair bit of time users are accustomed to simply tap the button. After all, some of us have been doing it for nine years as a second nature.


The rest of the device depicted in the picture does not really give up too much, unfortunately. It looks contain slightly narrower border around the display, and the layout has a slight redesign of the camera include a proximity sensor at the top of the device.


already had a lot of pressure sensitive test Apple Home key historical speculation – including sensitive Patent liquid metal option by the United States Patent and Trademark Office grant – so it is beyond possibility, that there is no way in this area, as we have known it may lose iPhone 7 Home key

(source: MobiPicker ).

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