Latest iPhone 7 Schematics Reveal Near-Identical Dimensions To iPhone 6s



a new iPhone 7 Schematic has begun circulating around today World Wide Web, so that once again we glimpse what Apple is ready in the next generation iPhone later this year for us. These visuals latest blueprint gives us a momentary insight into the overall shape of 4.7 inches and 5.5-inch models, but unfortunately does not really introduce any exciting changes, we do not know. Instead, the chart to determine a number, we have access to, as well as an overview of the very small size and shape between the new hardware and existing iPhone 6 second range of different rumors.

Let’s skip to the next group in the overall size and shape of the Apple flagship device. Included in the measurement is immediately displayed in the iPhone 7, it will be in a small phone 4.7 inches version will come in 7.2 mm thickness. This is for 0.1mm slight increase over the current iPhone 6S model.

future there will be a large number of consumers and analysts who see this backward step increases the thickness of a market that seems to make everything thinner, smaller obsession but we want to own honesty, 0.1mm, completely undetectable to the human visual and tactile so it really does not make any difference to the look and feel of the device.

at the bottom of the phone seems to confirm the view of hardware shipments will not include the iconic 3.5mm headphone jack has been emerging in Apple’s smart phone series in the past nine year. In its place, speculative additional speakers , at least in the iPhone 7.


Curiously, the second speaker grille is actually from the iPhone Also missing 7 Fig. Taking into account the fact that the larger 5.5-inch display also visualized front of the device is actually a borderless full-screen display, and FaceTime camera is not in place, it may be missing after a lapse of concentration of the second speaker grill rather than admit it is set model of the advanced products will not include such major changes.


experience a device, set depending on the model you are buying a smaller 4.7-inch schematic photography of the iPhone 7 it shows a slightly zoom camera aperture still protruding from the back of the phone. Large 5.5-inch Apple device displays an apparent effort to accommodate dual lens system , we’ve heard a lot about a larger camera aperture. the iPhone 7 Plus also clearly shows smart connector , which is made up of smaller iPhone 7 model is completely missing the presence of

(Source: LetemSvetemApplem Google Translation )

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