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It is hard to imagine that Apple’s annual worldwide developers Conference (WWDC) can be seen as only a few weeks, rather than months thing. WWDC developers may be eager to want to go hands-on with the Apple engineers holy grail, but it is also in this year, a lot of enthusiasm iOS device owners understand the iOS platform in the future time. We have to look at what we know, we think we might know, but when we can expect iOS 10 Welcome to our lives.

iOS features (rumored)


from a purely visual and aesthetic angle of view, iOS 10 will probably be the same that we currently have with iOS 9. those who are secretly hoping for a huge aesthetic overhaul – as we transition from iOS 6 to iOS 7 in saw – will largely be left disappointed. But those who are more interested in the new features than UI overhaul will be happy to know, iOS 10 reportedly brought some new menu.

The first possibility is that the new emoticons. As previously reported by the Unicode Consortium agreement could pave the way for the 74 additional emoticons to find their way to Apple’s iOS 10. These new emoticon has been agreed by the consortium, and therefore are set to Unicode 9.0 is recommended , plans – released in mid-2016. Suitable for iOS 10. The original developer preview perfect timing


a large number of those who use the iPhone to manage their photos for a surprise as well. Some sources have put it there, in the 10 iOS Apple stock photo application can bring back some features from the much-loved by Apple’s iPhoto killed the experience. Integration is unclear, but may include such as having the ability to directly edit EXIF ​​data, and the application can edit photos in a specific area of ​​the tool. Apple also added face detection iOS Photos app, which Mac version has some applications, but iOS is not a possibility. In short, I hope photo application in iOS 10 Overhaul

Photos app iPhone main

then there is Apple’s music, which is in 10 episodes iOS a big overhaul, with a new design, demotion connection, new features, such as song lyrics, and more support.

Apple is also expected to pay to upgrade, introduced to the ability to use the online service on your site.

As HomeKit, Apple has finally rumored, including the long-awaited family application that allows users to manage their supply Siri enabled HomeKit, home automation equipment.

iOS 10 also became the first version of iOS, in fact, obtained with a hidden forever is useless, just luxuries hidden in a folder in one of those pesky Apple’s stock device applications user. As has appeared in the App Store is defined whether the application is a first-party applications, and whether the application is defined as “to hide the application,” the JSON structure, the recent discovery of a new set of keys, and Apple Computer CEO of the company has confirmed that such a function here, hide or uninstall stock Apple iOS applications, of course with the 10 things

when the control center is used in iOS has some relief, we hope Apple further improved to allow more customization and 3D touch-enabled operating experience and switch quickly to support IT equipment. To this end, Apple can certainly take some clues iOS 10 from the control center concept shown here.

Last but not least, its second line iPad Pro models now registered, but also bring more iPad is Apple’s exclusive likelihood function, iOS’s just how it is 10 and iOS do sell its tablet 9 last year, a laptop alternatives.


In addition, there are of course a ton of new features, changes, and we do not know yet to improve, but we hope to learn more about their WWDC close. iOS Beta

10 download

This is easy. Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in the history of the release of its new iOS preview. This week-long event this year between June 13 to June 17 this means that developers and the public beta testers can expect iOS both pre-release beta version of the 10 seed opening keynote WWDC 2016 June 13 is occurring after the speech.

10 iOS release date

In a similar manner the above initial forecasts beta download, Apple has historically been very clear when it comes to making iOS the main public version. By going out, we expect the final version of iOS of 10 around the world and lived in the same week that Apple’s next iPhone will go on sale, it will be in September this year.

we will continue to update this as we learn more about the latter part of the 10 upcoming rumored features of iOS, so come back to check, so stay tuned

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