iOS 10 Rich Notifications Will Be Enabled For Non-3D Touch Devices In Future Betas


If you are sitting watching Apple’s WWDC opening speech of section 10 of iOS, then you You may feel your heart sink a little, when the notification presentation focused on the use of most of the rich content and interactive 3D touch. Apple obviously want as many people as you can upgrade to the latest equipment with the latest technology embedded, but understand that this is not always possible to everyone, and as such, like to ensure that any new features that can be used as universally accessible All owners of iOS devices, even if not the case, now in beta 1.

but the good news is, iOS 10 accompanied by beta Caution be sure the new rich notifications will really support equipment, no 3D touch future beta.

This is really nothing more than make their own excitement Big Secret poor, then get that horrible feeling that this feature you most excited will probably only have compatible features in this under case it appears to be 3D touch-sensitive, so it can only provide the latest equipment shipments iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus devices.

Apple move quickly to confirm that the feature will come to the old equipment, and ultimately,

rich notification support for 3D touch optimized, and the iOS 10 Beta 1 version of the feature is only available to iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus. Future test version will provide users access to this feature of iPhone models without touch support for 3D

key part of the tag is only supported by the fact that a touch 3D device – that iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus – will get rich in beta iOS Apple girl 10 notifications initial visit will focus on advancing a clear conscience remedy this beta version, not only to promote the progress and iOS 10 public launch of the conversion, but will also allow the test and developers to run the pre-iPhone 6S equipment involved extensive measures taken notice.


rich notifications allow users to use Apple’s lock on the notification of new ways to interact through the screen “pop” into which, through acting without actually having to unlock the phone and heading into the appropriate application process. Given that this is perfect for the 3D touch operation of the call, it will be very interesting to see how to deal with this for Apple is no such pressure-sensitive display.

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