iOS 10 Release Date Set For September 30, According To Barbra Streisand


If 10 drops, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo forecast, iOS this year, September 23 , then we would be more likely to accept the potential is real. If, however, the legendary singer and actress Barbra Streisand think Apple will update one week after the September 30, its software, then you may not necessarily take this argument seriously. But in the end this is what seems to have happened.

opinion, Barbra Streisand has taken exception to the way Apple’s digital assistant, Siri, and declared her surname.

and part of the National Public Radio interview, and Streisand made to let people know she was not entirely happy with Siri pronunciation of her name and “Z”, and not soft, “S”, it actually should be. Rather than suffer in silence, or through Apple’s long-winded channels, trying to change this, it seems Streisand her fame and influence directly linked to Apple CEO Tim Cook. The phone seems likely to let the rest of us know when Apple plans to launch iOS 10.

The call Tim Cook seems to have had two results; first, presumably Cook apology, the legendary singers, and agreed to an amendment Siri, to ensure correct pronunciation of her name in the future. Secondly, according to Streisand, Cook confirmed that the fix will be added to the iOS, which is confirmed by the next update will arrive on September 30

Given Apple iPhone 7 is rumored media event took place in September 7 and Apple’s next-generation operating system update is exactly i OS 10, from the historical point of view, Apple’s iPhone event of major IOS release versions of iOS as 10 public for a week. So, if you have any say in this interview is standing right, it looks like the new firmware version will be coming later than expected, which seems unlikely, but it will see such a person how to pan it is very interesting.


Apple iPhone 7 expected to be announced on September 7, and Soon began September 9 , shipping is said to begin in September 23

(source: NPR )

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