Install / Enable Bash On Ubuntu On Windows 10 After Anniversary Update, Here’s How


anniversary in Windows 10 update is here, and the introduction to anyone, everyone process want it, this is good news, if you like that sort of thing. What better news, though, is that this update brings with it a first embodiment Bash on Windows, it’s super awesome.

Bash, effective for those who are not familiar with the term Linux command line, what, Ubuntu and other Linux distributions fans will be met, but because, well, those who use Windows are not such things . In Windows Bash is the kind of power that is to give the user a very exciting thing between us, it’s here. Right now,

There is so much excitement, it is important that we know how to enter the world of Bash from Windows, this is what we are here for. We want to ensure that everyone has their need to get them to look at Bash, so let’s just get it, okay?

Before we begin, however, you need to have 10-bit versions of Windows 64 and Windows 10 anniversary of the update (or above) installed on your PC. Sorry, no Windows 32-bit here. So, with such a day, here is how to install or enable “on Windows in Ubuntu Hello” 10th Anniversary Update

Step 1: to enable the development model Settings> Update and Security> for developer> development mode


step 2: When finished, open the start menu and search for “enable Windows features on or off.” Fire, and make sure “Windows subsystem for the Linux (Beta)” is checked


Step 3: Save changes. Here you need to restart. It will be installed on the system Bash

Step Four: When you back up and running, click the Start menu again, and then search for “strike.” Run in the search results appear in the command of the same name

Step 5: You now by including the Windows Store for download from the “Bash at Ubuntu in Windows”, and then create a new account to guide the process

step 6: when all this is done, the start menu search of the “celebration” or “Ubuntu’s” fire and the new “Bash on Ubuntu in Windows” application

step 7: get your Bash


see? Is not very good, easy

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