Insta360 Nano Is A 360-Degree Video Camera Accessory For iPhone


may sometimes be difficult to keep up, which is the current trend in mobile phones and consumer electronics space technology forward. The emergence of new technology means that the device has become increasingly capable versions of all generations, which in turn is equivalent to what seems like endless possibilities.

last of which was a 360-degree virtual reality and video production and sharing, which like Facebook and other companies in jump, in order to attract new and existing users. Insta360 had immediately recognized the importance of this trend by introducing iPhone compatible accessories camera accessories 360 video capture.

anyone who has experienced a Facebook feed roll in recent weeks will likely encounter a stunning 360-degree video, so that the mobile device sensors are used to pan the environment.

companies, events, and products for people now are starting to use this type of immersive experience, in order to promote their products, but this is all very good company budget, so buy expensive equipment to do it, but for the average consumer who wants to capture directly from their smart phones in the world, 360 of them?

This is exactly Insta360 nano camera enters his. Insta360 connection from the new product is a iPhone-compatible camera directly to the accessory port on the device using lightning compatible iPhone. Hardware comes with two 210-degree fisheye lens, it can record at 30 frames per second 3K resolution video. This immediately makes it more than a similar nature are generally around the 2K standard replacement devices boost.


stuff also stitches together a panoramic image on the road, connected to the iPhone, so you do not have to worry about processing the video on a PC. Of course, the goal here is to have a high performance camera, resulting in a special 360-degree video experience, but you really can not ignore what is provided with Nano cam playful nature. Price


The Insta360 nano camera for $ 199 in five colors to match any shade the iPhone: silver, gray, black, gold and pink. It is now available for pre-order through Amazon, and began shipping this July 15

Wanted: a 360-degree camera accessories iPhone Insta360 nm from Amazon : $ 199

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