HP Powerup Backpack Features Built-In 22,400mAh Battery For Charging Your Gadgets On The Go


it does not take a genius certification understand that this is a brave new world we live, which means that even mature companies, sometimes with diverse product mix to attract consumers in a rapidly changing digital world.

we might think of HP as one of the largest and most mature business PC manufacturers, but it seems that the change is a good rest, led the company to design and manufacture backpacks, not only as your standard carry-all , but the fact that a sports a familiar look under the summary is still left, it has some hidden in the battery charging function.

At first glance, the new HP powered backpack looks very much like a normal bag, a student back to school, college or university, or when similar will buy. It features a large main compartment and a smaller, but still spacious front pocket of the bag. This Pre-pocket also contains some zip fastener to protect personal belongings secure storage internal compartments. But when you learn the package also comes with a high-capacity battery 22,400mAh things start to get interesting, you know the real power of this HP product is

The battery should be large enough to provide a full charge most HP notebooks with the bag itself can carry a laptop with up to 17.3-inch diagonal screen. In a full charge, the built-in power pack can also provide three full charge cycle and most tablets up to ten full fee to a smaller smartphone.

The charging service interesting, highly innovative part is powered backpack also comes with a power priority system so that the bag in order of priority to provide the charging device.

For most of us who need to charge on the go, this is probably not enough, but HP is not the smartest tech stop there. Built-in thermal sensor constantly monitors the internal battery temperature and adjust the charging rate. Similarly, in the battery pack of chips to detect the type of device connected to provide it with the correct current. It also packs 2 microUSB charging cable, and an HP laptop charging cable. Worst of all, on canvas painted to resist wet weather, but just in case tilted down really strong, you can use your own bag raincoat.


When you put all these considerations, a price tag of $ 199.99 US dollars became more reasonable. The new smart backpack can pre-order now ahead of the September 14, 2016 launch of

Wanted: HP energized Backback from Amazon : $ $ 199.99

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