How To Rotate Live Photos On iOS


living according to , a large increase in September last year to come to iPhone iOS update 9 It allows iPhone users to take any pictures they want, but there is a little animated pictures, rather than a complete standstill. The final result looks better than a GIF, but not a lot better. However, this is before and the shutter is activated so photos can often create a background, which is always a good thing arrested after exercise little bit.

Unfortunately, Apple’s own Photos app is less than the great management of these life photos, once they have taken. A typical example of this is, without having to convert it to a standard photo application user can not rotate the way of life according to the first still image stuffy. At this point, all life has disappeared from the image, we are back to take still pictures like animals. This is simply not good enough.

What is more likely to develop Hansmeyer thought when she tries to rotate some live photos, she put her small child. In fact, she found it very disappointing, she started righting a big mistake, and created her own application, you can easily rotate scene photos. This is provided in the App Store, priced at $ 0.99, is called LiveRotate

, reminiscent of an Apple everyone is used to indicate the site of the photo image icon, LiveRotate is a simple tools, but a utility you need it still works.

and saved image can be rotated 90 degrees without problems in the block. You really can not ask from claiming rotation scene photos app more, because that’s exactly what it does.

$ 0.99, which is an application that is worth in your arsenal, just in case you need a day. And Apple, shame on you again outdone by third-party developers. Why is this even need in the first place


( download : LiveRotate to the iPhone App Store)?

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