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reading is both fun and a good source of learning, but sometimes we just want someone to read us a story, no matter how old we are. You may not know, but the iPhone really can do this by reading aloud anything, it’s all thanks to a conveniently accessible switch, instead of fancy new features – have it your iPhone, anyone you can use it

in question is characterized by the screen to speak, it is for those with poor eyesight iOS auxiliary part of the setup. Facts have proved that, though, this feature can really come in surprisingly convenient for those who just want to read to their smart phones, and to tell the truth – who does not

If you to do so, here you need to press the button and the order is what a handy guide. Enjoy

Step 1: Head to your iOS device setup application, and then click General , then press assist

Article step 2: Next, click speech , and then open the consulting screen


step 3: Look for an article, book or anything else you want to have read to you. You can even have your e-mail reader, should you so please

The fourth step: swipe down from the top of the screen with two fingers. Also, tell Siri’s “Talking screen.”


Step 5: Relax while your iPhone read aloud. We have to stop reading in its tracks, or just as importantly, to restart the control on its screen.

This is all there is to it. Apple accessibility features designed to make life easier for those who need it a little, but often there is a reason, other people checking out. Said screen can be enjoyed by anyone of these features, especially those who still want to read a bedtime story-one

(via: Business Insider )!

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