How To Fix Wi-Fi Calling Battery Drain On iPhone


got off the phone is one of the features few people actually use these days smartphones. As smart phones become more feature camera and CPU, making them more mobile computers than phones, iPhone 6S like Galaxy S7 and LG G5 is not so much on our smartphones Pocket PC, is so big that we like most people it

there will always be some people who need to talk to others, but when cell reception is not great, as the Wi-Fi calling can be very important. Unfortunately, it is not without drawbacks.

With the Wi-Fi-enabled call on the iPhone, for example, it is likely that users will find a small but significant decrease in battery life. This is because the phone is constantly checked and tested it to ensure that no call is missed or abandoned Wi-Fi connection. It’s all very clever, very sophisticated technology – which means it needs electricity

If you carry around your house iPhone, see the battery level plummets, so do not be afraid, there is one. So users can reduce by additional power required for Wi-Fi calling, but it is actually surprisingly simple.

as the share of apple effort blog, the best way to make up for lost Wi-Fi calling battery life is to completely disable the cellular radio – if you have a Wi-Fi calling enabled and iMessage use, there is nothing to lose. Phone through your Wi-Fi routing and SMS iMessage will care, or any other instant messaging service we choose from today. Thing is that nothing will happen to your iPhone’s cellular radio does not need to be a waste of power, that is the whole point.

In order to disable the cellular radio, the easiest thing to do is to airplane mode. Radio with all the iPhone at this point is closed, reopened, if you need to work well off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

battery will be saved, the next call will be recovered via Wi-Fi and our faith. ! Great

Airplane-mode with WiFi

(Source: apple effort )

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