How To Fix 13-Inch Retina MacBook Pro Safari Freezing Issue


and the 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro who seems to have undergone random questions, see the Safari browser cause the machine to become unresponsive may not notice a small problem, and now, joining Apple’s website this past Friday new support document detailing the reasons and now.

problem, which gives the user no other option but to restart the affected machine, Safari browser will see clearly arbitrary freeze the entire computer.

problem has the potential to affect all Mac computers, but those 13 inches Retina MacBook Pros laptops seem to be particularly severely affected. These problems are in the past, however, due to being implemented as arriving a few weeks ago, fixed in Mac OS X update.

fix itself, because these things can not be vague, and Apple just tell their users to ensure that they are using the most up to date version of Mac OS X, and where possible, , an updated version of Adobe Flash Player. Whether these things are bad habit to get into, even on a good day, but now it seems, for Mac OS X 10.11.5 – released May 16 – has put this issue to bed as well before

update those who are having the same problem now report that all is well again, which is good news, indeed.


two point solutions as seen on Apple support

For this particular bug curious, the original report

suddenly began to appear in March, Mac OS X 10.11 on not long after the 13-inch MacBook Pro unresponsive problems. 4 landed on the affected computer. Whether it is wrong, it is at this point, it is part of the update, a fairly safe bet.

Who knows, maybe stay up to date with the latest version of Mac OS X is not always the best practices in action, after all

(Source: Apple Support )!

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