Here’s Another Trick To Free Up Storage Space On iPhone


In order to get our hands on the latest iPhone model, when it starts, and sometimes we have to sacrifice our hopes and aspirations and fair go with the entry-level 16GB model. Of course, it would be great to grab a 64GB or 128GB model on an annual basis, but taking into account the new device comes around every twelve months some consumers simply do not have to spend that type of money, the fact that every year. One problem associated with 16GB models, once the operating system is installed, you are generally left on the available space 11.5GB, which we all know will not last very long. Fortunately, if you have a lightning cable and install iTunes, another tip on a Windows PC or a Mac to reclaim some of the important free space.

clean up before we run on some important sotage space, there are a couple, we need to look at the first requirement.

Here are their.

  • limited storage space iPhone. This will be the device you want to free up some storage.
  • Mac or Windows PC running iTunes.
  • Lightning cable that enables you to connect the device to a computer

Step 1: The Lightning cable into your Mac or PC and iOS devices connected to it. Start iTunes

Step 2: Make sure you have selected the device in iTunes. In Abstract> Backup section, select this computer


Step 3: Click the encrypt iPhone backup highlighted option. You will be asked to set a password for encrypted backup, once you enter, hit the dialog box Set Password button.


now iTunes will automatically start backing up data, as shown below. If the backup process does not start automatically, simply click Backup Now button to start it,

over a period of time, depending on how much data you have on the device, the backup will be completed successfully


step Four: now you will need to restore the backup data back to the iPhone, to do this, click recovery backup button next to backup Now button.


, iTunes may ask you to close the Find My iPhone enabled devices. If so, locate the Settings> the iCloud> Find my device on iPhone and switch to Off . You will be asked to enter your iCloud password, turn off Find My iPhone. After

completed, click iTunes information on the OK prompt , click Recovery backup again.

Step 5: You will now be asked to select your iPhone you want to restore the backup. Make sure that you select the backup you just created. Click Recovery , and then enter a password to encrypt the backup


Step 6: iTunes will now be restored to the backup process run by encrypting the connected device . Once completed, the device is restarted, you will have an exact copy of previously installed, but now because of iTunes backup / restore process involves a lot less chaotic than previous devices have more available storage space, resulting in the release of the storage device a significant portion of the space.

It is worth remembering that space, you can trick the amount recovered in a similar manner to previous method , to pretend to rent a movie from the iTunes application on your device program. These two processes are essentially never to daily use key part of the system cache and delete temporary data files. The amount of stored data will depict reward you how much free space to give

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