Google’s FaceTime-Like Video Calling App ‘Duo’ Now Available On iOS And Android


Let us all wait for a painful three months, Google has finally launched a free – charge, cross-platform video calling for the iOS and Android operating system applications.

originally launched back in May annual Google I / O conference, dual-core is exhibited next to another application, Google-based Chinese assistant, but now it makes it to the relevant app store downloads and through iOS and Android users consume. In the face of things, the duo initially appears to be Google’s answer to Apple’s FaceTime feature is baked into iOS and OS X and iPhone, iPad and Mac hardware, but cross-platform dual-core means that it has quickly opened up a Fortune, Apple does not access users.

dual-core application, as it exists to give you the impression that there is more to it proceeds from the simple, but its seamless video processing in a single button touch calls facts makes it a very powerful and useful communication tool.

dual-core core functions currently limited, but it does make it says on the tin. Users of the application, regardless of whether they use a dual-core iOS or Android, you can instantly store and a video call button is pressed the phone number to contact. Call recipient can also re-use Google appeal Duo “knock” feature – this is the I / O conference launch demoed. It provides the caller’s essentially a small video broadcast recipients, so they can see who is calling before you accept or reject the call by Tudor video call.

The application itself has been completed and the speed and simplicity, therefore, relatively simple feature set, allowing you to stand up and run immediately. But it does contain a number of behind the scenes information processing based on the detected video call quality Internet connection, so if your data is choppy signal strength, you can expect video quality is much lower than the standard quality. Google also full encryption to ensure that all calls are safe and reliable.


This is a simple, fast, intelligent, but it is also competing Messenger and WhatsApp FaceTime, Skype and Facebook on even in mobile video calling landscape advantages. It’s simple, and the fact that it is provided by Google, enough to win user yet? Check it out to see for yourself.

application is launched to users around the world over the next few days, so if you are unable to download the application in your area now, there is no need to worry, it will come very soon

( download : Google dual-core iPhone from the App Store).
( download : Google duo of Android from Google Play)

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