George Hotz Demos $1000 Self-Driving Car Kit, Announces New App Chffr [Video]



George Hotz is a name you may not be familiar, largely because he has spent most of his life goes by the online name Geohot. If the name sounds familiar, it is because Hotz is at a point in the jailbreak world-renowned figure, in fact, he was the first person to unlock and jailbreak the iPhone, and was even considered jailbroke the PS3 guy, which makes Sony’s upset. This guy knows how to bend technology, he will approach 99% of the Earth, can only dream of, and this is perhaps underestimated it a little bit.

George Hotz is a very smart guy, indeed.

So when his company,, recently safeguard investors’ money , claiming that it is to be a system, people will be able to then buy their own vintage car, so the car can drive them into their own, we tend to believe him. In fact, Hotz believes he will start to beat Google and Apple in the same market, he may just be right.

accept Roadshow , which showed off the 26-year-old Hotz his autonomous vehicles out in Las Vegas, a man experiencing bad and even some to remind the young Steve Jobs in his way of speaking. This may be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on the Apple co-founder own ideas, but there is no doubt that confidence Hotz nor of products, it’s contagious.

In order to make the product as good as possible, is planning to launch information Chffr named as Android and iOS application that allows users to provide crowd-sourced to the company and then use its training system to better deal with the road. Users will download the application, and then into their phones in their car dashboards and average speed data collected, exercises performed, breaking or acceleration mode, among other things. Then, the data will be uploaded to the server presumably autonomous vehicles to the company’s software. The idea? To make self-driving cars is better, well, driving.

The application will be ready at the end of June it is ready, by providing a comma, every minute is used on the road to encourage them to use. What are these points will be used is unknown, but Hotz said that we would want them to. Not as we want self-driving, though, George. You can visit the following URL registration application Chffr Beta [1 ​​9459010] goal is this year of before the end of the self car kit market. It will be available for $ 1000 on Amazon

(Source: Roadshow ).

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