Fix iOS 10 iMessage Effects Not Working In Messages App, Here’s How


iMessage iOS does not influence the work of 10 messages application? Here’s how fixed your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch this issue.

What could be lovelier than receiving a loved one or harbor after open heart warming message better personal messaging applications on your iOS device? Well, open up the same message, and there is of course full of balloons and explosions on the screen.

iOS 10 ability to do this effect, with a range of other excellent text together, but if they do not work for you, or does not seem to access, it may be related to the secondary function of the system to set a particular setting limits on this point.

If for a reason or another, you happen to have opened reduce motion in the auxiliary set, then this is interfering with the message function as it effectively closed, and to feature the desired movie. As always, we will take you to make sure your iPhone or iPad settings just right to enjoy the effect of providing iOS 10. So, let’s start this process

Step 1: In the iOS device has a problem, which all the possibility will be an iPhone or iPad running iOS 10, start the machine set application and navigate to General> Accessibility

step 2: If you have never involved the supplemental setting, you will immediately see that there is a ton here to choose from. You can play at your own leisure with them on your own time. Now, our concern is reduce motion option. Click on it to continue


Step 3: Make sure you switch reduce motion switch to Off position.


Step Four: Now, if you head on into the iOS 10 Messages application, then click and hold, or 3D touch, blue ” up “arrow buttons, you should use the new coverage, so you can affect a new message from all of the fancy, so 10 so much fun iOS choices presented. Or, you can now see the incoming messages and these effects


To learn more about the impact of 10 iMessage iOS, where in accordance with the guidelines: iOS 10 news: add foam, full screen, the impact of invisible ink, the following is how

iOS 10 itself is packed full of impressive improvements and new features that make it a very pleasant environment is on. iPhone or iPad, but given the popular and important news for most of us is how to remake the messages application is likely to be the place where people spend a lot of time communicating with each other. These new results will ensure that the time spent there is fun, and the production of

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