Fix “GPS Signal Not Found” Pokemon Go Error On iOS Or Android [Tips]


There are tricks to solve the “can not find a GPS signal.” Pokemon Go application error on iPhone (iOS version) or Android device running

Pokemon Go: you can not move these days without hitting the person who is playing it, if you do not fight it yourself, then you are likely It will be a few people at this point. With the cross iOS and Android are playing the same game, basically at the same time, there is always going to be some problems here and there planted in the world only so many players.

Pokemon Go creator, Niantic (Nintendo), than have to face, because it releases Pokemon to the few teething problems and more, and there are still some unresolved kink. One of them is a problem with GPS positioning data.

As some of your iOS and Android users may have experienced, Pokemon Go application or game, depending on the term you choose, sometimes experience a problem that it can not access the device GPS positioning data, and complained that “GPS signal is not found.” error, as seen in the screenshot at the bottom of the article. This is not great, in order to work, using the position of the game

Fortunately, there is usually applied to kickstart do what it needs to do the way – Make sure your location, to let everyone play fun. Here’s what we suggest you try, if you are experiencing these problems, several times a day over some tips and solutions. These apply to iOS and Android, too

skills to solve the “GPS signal not found” error Pokemon Go (iOS and Android):

  • ensure position data is opened. On iOS, you’ll find Settings> Privacy> Location Services , while in the Android (in different devices, maybe this is positioned at different locations), the same settings can be settings Locate> options position in addition, the Android also sure to select precision in mode settings> location> location mode
  • , even if it is not open WiFi currently available. iOS and Android, to pinpoint the location using WiFi.
  • If you are indoors, go outdoors and wait until the error disappears. Once it’s gone, then you can continue playing in the room again.
  • If the above options did not help, completely shut down the application by Force Quit from the multitasking switcher, and then re-run.

hope these tips will get you to play like nature Pokemon Go To


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