Fix For “provision.cpp” Cydia Impactor Error When Jailbreaking iOS 9.3.3


how to fix Cydia impact error provision.cpp: 150, provision.cpp: 62 or provision.cpp: 68 iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak when

Although the latest team Pangu jailbreak Liberating brought modern equipment, it also continues to confuse and deceive the new jailbreak trying to use a series of errors and problems using it. As we said earlier, this is more complicated jailbreak incident, we have seen one for a while, both in the final terms -user what practical things escape hood equipment and processes to go through to get the good stuff.

Whether you are a first escape, or attempt to quit and re-applied to the lateral load Pangu jailbreak your device, use the certificate Saurik’s Cydia impact tools expired, you can usually possible to run Cydia on your Windows PC or Mac tools terrible impact “provision.cpp” error welcome.

Here, we want to see what the different “provision.cpp” error, you might get mean, and how to solve this problem. So, if you’ve got these errors using Cydia impact, then take a look at a potential below the amendment

Fixed provision.cpp: 150 Error:

when the tool you may experience this and the .ipa file onto the jailbreak Cydia impact, and then enter the Apple ID credentials when prompted to sign the application, just get provision.cpp: 150 error via Cydia impact. This error may be changed to “provision.cpp: 150 Please sign in and application-specific password”

Follow the steps below to solve the problem

Step 1: First, browse your browser , and log in using your Apple ID and you want to use to sign jailbreak application side-loading associated password

step 2: in security this site section, click edit options


step 3: in this section, find APP-specific passwords section and click to generate a password options

step Four: now, you need to enter a password tag, basically your own information. You can enter whatever you like here, for example: CydiaImpactor . When finished, click create

Step 5: Copy impact Password generated to the clipboard

Step 6: Now when Cydia strike ask for the fight against Apple ID password, simply paste the generated password prompt, hit

this would solve provision.cpp: 150 questions

Fixed provision.cpp: 62 or provision .cpp: 68 error:

this is a relatively simple, but in fact did not conduct any user capabilities. When Apple Developer Program website / service is down for maintenance, planned or otherwise this error. Cydia impact tool actually explicitly requires access to the developer portal to request the necessary privileges and side-loading equipment prior to its signing IPA file. Apple Developer Program service must be running to do this.


to get up and running as quickly as possible, you can follow the status of the developer portal . Once it is back online, you can re-start the jailbreak process

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