Enable Dark Theme Mode In Windows 10 Anniversary Update [How-To Guide]


Here is how to enable dark themes in Windows 10 Update anniversary run a step by step guide on your PC.

who you are, not only have the latest 10th anniversary of Windows Update , but who also want to stray from the norm and to take the risk of a Windows 10 user lifestyles Windows dark side. If you have a loud and firm answer “yes” to these questions, then Windows 10 Local darkness mode – thanks to the new anniversary update – might be something that you want, no, actually need , in your life.

Now, you may remember, we have previously indicated that you are how to enable earlier this dark theme version of Windows 10, it is incomplete, hidden from the public. So, with the anniversary of the update, not only dark theme fully functional, but is also considered to be ready for the formal adoption of Microsoft’s public use.

Moreover, it is relatively easy to get up and running with it, and we’ll tell you how in less than a simple step-by-step guidance. ready? Here we go

Step 1: The whole process starts set applications. You can easily press of Windows logo / flag and I key on the keyboard to start setting


Step 2: settings, select personalized, , then select color from the left pane of


step 3: in the bottom of that interfaces, there is a section titled “Select your application model” . This is what you need on your own with the segment

Step Four: This section will have two choices; “ light ” and “ darkness .” Make sure the radio button assignment against “ darkness ” option is selected

step-003 5

Step: This is the first part of the program completed. If you are looking for the dark mode as a unified and comprehensive experience in board work better, then look above that option Options “began to show on the taskbar color and Action Center.” Make sure that this close

Step 6: Again, look for option, and again, make sure that is off, as shown in “in the title bar of color” image above

step Seven: now, in the top of the screen, you’ll find that stressed-color tile blocks involved. This is a matter of personal choice, but the choice in your mind the best compliment one you just applied throughout the system dark theme color options. If you do not have the creative spirit and make such a decision, then you can see “automatic pick from my background accent color.” option to Windows 10 to make decisions.


dark theme, what looks like Windows 10 anniversary date.

dark theme should now be positive as the best across Windows 10. How often do you actually see within its scope of application is entirely dependent on the application that you use frequently from the Windows Store, the number of these third-party applications have built-in support for Windows 10 actually dark theme function. However, this model will have any dark traditional desktop applications without any impact. It is only in the first and third-party Modern / Metro / UWP applications.

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