Enable Android Notifications On Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Here’s How


This is about how to make your Andr oid mobile push notification update to Windows 10 anniversary (or higher version) guidelines -running PC

Microsoft Windows 10 anniversary update also brings some new features. One of these features is the ability to easily from your Android device (phone or tablet) directly to a PC running Windows 10 synchronized push notifications. It has been impossible in the unit before the anniversary of Windows updates. Here, we want to see how you can get this functionality and Android device and your Windows 10 computer that is running simultaneously

Note: This guide assumes you already have the annual update or a later version of Windows PC 10 of

step 1: first of all, if for whatever reason, you have 10 installed Cortana disabled, then you will need to re-enable it in Windows . This is simply the only PC side and work requirements, you need to get this done. This is the most important thing is Cortana, you want to push notifications from your Andr oid phone or tablet showing enabled on Windows PC 10. If you do not know how Cortana on Windows, then you can follow our detailed instructions, here . Come back when you’ve enabled Cortana and work on your computer

Step 2: Now on your Andr oid equipment, head over to the Google Play Store and install Microsoft applications Ke Android Tana. This program can be downloaded for free from Microsoft’s Play Store

The third step: You should now have enabled Cortana on Windows 10 computer, and install the application for the Android Cortana on your smartphone or tablet. Next, head to a dedicated Windows Insider Program website insider.windows.com , and you’re signed up to use the same Microsoft account ID and the application of its Android Cortana on your computer. Cortana as described in the application, you must register the program for it to work inside

Step Four: Start Cortana on your Android device, and make sure you accept all the necessary permissions it requires – Location media access to accurate. Log in to use that you are using to log on to your Windows PC exactly the same application Cortana Microsoft account ID. Yes, before you ask, you really need to use the Microsoft Windows account instead of a local account to log on to your PC, because this is the system we use sync notifications.


Step 5: The top of the upper left corner click interface three horizontal lines (also referred to as hamburger menu) to access the menu Cortana Android. Next, click set and sync notifications enter


Step 6: sync notifications option you will find some assigned to project handover. Some of which are in default, one at the bottom, * applications to the synchronization , it is off by default. This feature is enabled, and all others, to get the most out of this feature. Before you can fully turn apply to the synchronization on, you need to press Cortana notice approved by the resulting pop-up notifications received know button.

Step 7 step-3

: In order to position slide switch Cortana, then Andr oid confirm when asked if you want to enable access to the notification from the alarm Cortana, As shown the following screenshot


step 8: head back to settings> sync notifications, and enable apply to the synchronization again, and then were selected which applications you want to please your Andr oid mobile notifications by clicking * select which applications to synchronize option.


is such that all notifications to display the Windows 10 computer to applications that you have granted access from the phone, now appears on your desktop, complete quickly from Action Center and reply options.


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